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The Time Clock Tablet

What a great idea!!

What is even better than using Jackrabbit’s Time Clock for gathering and managing employee work time? Well – perhaps the immediate adoption of it by your employees?

After all, you can love the feature all you want. But if your staff doesn’t latch on to it, it isn’t of much value, is it?

Image #1 at right: Wall-mounted Tablet Running Jackrabbit’s Time Clock

Scott and Rachel Davis at eNeRGy Kidz figured this out quickly! They put a tablet at the disposal of their staff and it has made all the difference in how quickly Time Clock has added value. The husband and wife owner team at eNeRGy Kidz mounted a tablet in the break room, making the Time Clock as easy to access as the coffee maker. Employees quickly and easily log in, enter their information – and they’re done!

Image #2 at right: Rachel and Jackrabbit’s Sara Jones discuss some of the finer points of Jackrabbit’s Time Clock as Scott looks on.
Rachel monitors and manages the Time Clock information that is easily downloaded into payroll processing. “I’ve had to ‘get acquainted’ with this tool simply because it’s different than the process we’ve used for years. But I see that it can help us be more accurate and streamline the data entry part of managing staff payroll details, so I’m eager to become more proficient with the system and watch the enhancements that will continue to be made.”

“I’m thrilled with this new tool from Jackrabbit. They’ve always developed tools that match customer needs. This is another example of their attentiveness. They understand that we want to manage our businesses in the best ways possible – and still have time to spend with our staff, customers and families,” says Scott Davis.

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