The Mobile App is Great Place for Streamlining Makeup Requests

One of Mobile Inventor’s innovative clients has found great success in offering makeup requests through their new mobile app. The mobile app allows parents to bypass more time-consuming parent portals to provide parents a “better way” to make their requests.

Parents can also call in requests for makeups. This may be easy for parents, but it isn’t convenient because it limits them to office hours for making their calls. Taking call-in requests is a valuable but expensive service to offer for organizations to offer. It is definitely a service that sets them apart from other children’s activity options in their area. But call-ins dominate the front desk phone traffic and keep the staff tied up in schedules and tied to their desks.

It’s easy to see exactly how game-changing the use of a mobile app is for makeup requests. One client in particular shared these statistics:

Before the app: 50%-60% of phone calls coming into the front desk were to schedule makeups

After the app: 50% of all makeups booked were booked online

Result: 30% reduction in calls to front desk

These impressive statistics show that offering a makeup request feature via a mobile app can do more than make life easier for your school’s parents. It drives down admin costs, helping organizations to actually be able to afford to offer the makeup requests.

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