Time Clock Enhancements

Settings Allow Multiple Department Managers

The Add Department and Edit Department modals now allow multiple managers to be selected. Approve/Unapprove Time (which restricts access to departments to only the dept managers and users with the permission to see all departments), was updated to follow the multiple managers change.



My Time Card Has Added Hour Type Filter

Staff will now have the ability to filter time entries by the Hour Type inside the Time Clock’s My Time Card page. This was done to help JR staff manage their PTO time but this will also help our clients’ staff.




Integrated Solution Makes Sense for Gyms That Take Their Payroll Processing Seriously

Jon Aardema of Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta talks about using ExpressPayroll in conjunction with Jackrabbit’s Time Clock.

Using ExpressPayroll in conjunction with Jackrabbit helps your business by:

  • Taking the worries and hassles of payroll out of your hair.
  • Eliminating concerns about payment of withholding taxes and tallying end-of-year tax totals.
  • Making time entry more accommodating to employees preferences and schedules.
  • Giving employees a payment process that they can depend on for accuracy and timeliness.

A Smooth Start

Set up with the Time Clock features in Jackrabbit and payroll details through ExpressPayroll is self-explanatory.

It’s easy for owners or managers to get started. The number of hourly rates and types of employees you have determine how you set up the details.

The interface for entering time is intuitive for employees. It’s web-based and mobile-friendly and gives them tremendously flexibility in entering work hours from wherever they are.

“Obviously all of our gyms don’t operate in the same way so being able to fit the system around the tracking and payment needs that your organization and your employees demand is critical. It’s so straightforward and simple that both groups ‘get it’ in a heartbeat.”

Rewards to Reap

Jon’s staff previously filled out time sheets that he tracked in Excel. As the gym – and the staff – grew, there was no way that Jon could continue to use such a time-consuming process to produce payroll.  His interruption-wrought afternoons are not the setting that would allow him to take on a process that is frustrating for him and surely more time-consuming than it needs to be.

“The integrated process puts Jackrabbit’s Time Clock in charge of time management and turns the time entry process into an employee implemented one. The Time Clock allows me to simply check and approve time entries. Hourly ‘budgets’ are set so that I immediately know when enough or too few hours have been worked. I can even email the employee about the discrepancies directly from the interface. The entire process is quite magical!”

Beyond the rewards Jon reaps from getting rid of time sheets and using an “integrated payroll system,” he enjoys end-of-year services that make tax filings painless.

“My expertise is the gym. Payroll is not where I’d prefer to spend my time because each process is a challenge for me. By using the integrated Jackrabbit-ExpressPayroll solution, I can hand off the entire process and concentrate on my business. One of the biggest worries that ExpressPayroll eliminates for me is payment and tracking of withholding taxes. I can rest easy in knowing that this critical component is taken care of by those whose understand the laws, the requirements and the forms.”

Jon isn’t the only one who benefits from this process. Employees have access to do more than enter time. They can self-serve their pay stubs and end of year earnings without the need to ask staff for help in getting to their information.

“Employees can see their pay stubs anytime they need to by logging into ExpressPayroll’s portal. When W-2s are available, employees can log in and print their own forms. This makes it easy for employees and liberating for the gym’s staff since they are no longer the sole resource for that information for employees.”

One Click and Done

The only thing left to do after confirming employee time entries is clicking the Export to Payroll function!

After that click, consider your payroll done because ExpressPayroll is awaiting your export to tally your payroll – according to rate specific hours – and to ensure that each employee is paid for everything they earn and only what they earn. Every detail is analyzed and executed so that your organization is always on-time, up-to-date, accurate and compliant.

No hassles. No worries.

“The integrated solution is a beautiful thing. Jackrabbit’s Time Clock works flawlessly with ExpressPayroll’s systems and the ExpressPayroll folks know Jackrabbit so well that every aspect of the process is seamless.”

The Time Clock Tablet

What a great idea!!

What is even better than using Jackrabbit’s Time Clock for gathering and managing employee work time? Well – perhaps the immediate adoption of it by your employees?

After all, you can love the feature all you want. But if your staff doesn’t latch on to it, it isn’t of much value, is it?

Image #1 at right: Wall-mounted Tablet Running Jackrabbit’s Time Clock

Scott and Rachel Davis at eNeRGy Kidz figured this out quickly! They put a tablet at the disposal of their staff and it has made all the difference in how quickly Time Clock has added value. The husband and wife owner team at eNeRGy Kidz mounted a tablet in the break room, making the Time Clock as easy to access as the coffee maker. Employees quickly and easily log in, enter their information – and they’re done!

Image #2 at right: Rachel and Jackrabbit’s Sara Jones discuss some of the finer points of Jackrabbit’s Time Clock as Scott looks on.
Rachel monitors and manages the Time Clock information that is easily downloaded into payroll processing. “I’ve had to ‘get acquainted’ with this tool simply because it’s different than the process we’ve used for years. But I see that it can help us be more accurate and streamline the data entry part of managing staff payroll details, so I’m eager to become more proficient with the system and watch the enhancements that will continue to be made.”

“I’m thrilled with this new tool from Jackrabbit. They’ve always developed tools that match customer needs. This is another example of their attentiveness. They understand that we want to manage our businesses in the best ways possible – and still have time to spend with our staff, customers and families,” says Scott Davis.

Read several other blogs about Jackrabbit’s Time Clock:

How Do You Save Lost Dollars in Time Card Errors?

What’s So Great About Jackrabbit’s Time Clock?

How do you turn 2 minutes into $2K?

Learn more about Time Clock.


How Do You Save Lost Dollars in Time Card Errors?

Easy answer: A feature called Time Clock that Jackrabbit offers to users of its system – for free.

Mistakes Cost You! A 4 minute error each day on an employee’s time card could cost you thousands of dollars! Look at what that means – even if you have a few employees. If you’re a large facility with 25x employees, the lost money can be huge!


The cost savings may be interesting, but maybe it’s functionality that really intrigues you.

Unlimited Time Clock enables you to:

  • Provide an online time clock for staff to record their time (both at your facility and remotely)
  • Create departments as “buckets” for staff hours
  • Track and record time entry per location and department
  • Record hour type (regular, overtime, holiday, sick, vacation, PTO)
  • Supports multiple staff pay rates
  • Approve time entries, at either individual or department level
  • Add time buffer to scheduled class hours to identify overages between actual hours and scheduled class hours
  • Export total hour information to the Express Payroll system
  • Estimate gross wages



What’s So Great About Jackrabbit’s Time Clock?

Time Clock saves time for studio owners and managers and gives them the tools they need to reduce inaccuracies in payroll data.

Jackrabbit’s Time Clock feature automates the studio’s process for tracking payroll. This eliminates time-consuming, manual tracking that can be frustrating and wrought with inaccuracies by turning time entry over to employees to track for themselves in the employee portal. A quick check of employee-entered data is all that is required before Time Clock data can be exported to Quickbooks or Express Payroll.


Time Clock enables owners and managers of dance studios to aggregate accurate and standardized data and automate its delivery to their payroll systems. The feature enables employees to log and track their time in Jackrabbit’s employee portal. This does not replace payroll capabilities, but provides payroll systems with accurate pre-payroll information. Employee activities can be broken down to accommodate tracking by varying pay rates or duties and will note instructor availability and class instruction times. This is a significant enhancement that Jackrabbit offers at no additional charge to clients.

Jackrabbit’s Time Clock contains the following functionality:

  • Provides an online Time Clock for staff to record their time (both at your facility and/or remotely)
  • Creates Departments as “buckets” for staff hours
  • Allows multiple methods of time entry
  • Records Location and Department per time entry
  • Records Hour Type (regular, overtime, holiday, sick, vacation, PTO)
  • Records Staff Pay Rates
  • Approves time entries, at either individual or department level
  • Adds “Time Buffer” to scheduled class hours to identify overages between actual hours and scheduled class hours
  • Exports total hour information to QuickBooks or Express Payroll
  • Estimates Gross Wages
  • Creates Reports

What Time Clock DOES NOT do:

  • Calculate overtime wages with the multiplier (time and a half, double time, etc)
  • Calculate any withholdings, deductions or payroll taxes; or process payroll


What do Time Clock users think?

Watch a video with John Aardema’s comments about how Time Clock has improved the way the Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta operates.

“We were excited to try out the new Staff Time Clock with Jackrabbit.  We see huge potential to save time and money and be more efficient as we grow.”  “We love that Jackrabbit takes our individual needs into consideration when designing great tools for schools like ours so that it accommodates the way we do business.” – Meg Roundy, Kings Swim Academy

“When we saw the enhancement alert, we immediately noticed the functionality in our system. Now I can get rid of the additional expense of the online Time Clock we’ve been using. Kudos, Jackrabbit!” – Jamie Crippin, Hearts In Motion Baton, Dance & Cheer Center

“The new Jackrabbit Staff Time Clock is a great tool for managing our staffing hours.  Thanks to Jackrabbit for creating a system we could set up in just a few hours and begin monitoring the very next day. Adding Staff Time Clock has made our Jackrabbit dashboard a hub for managing our staff and students!” – Karen King, U.S. Swim Academy

“With Jackrabbit’s Time Clock, our staff no longer needs to manually split their time between departments and I no longer need to manually check the accuracy of their reports.  Time Clock saves my bookkeeper 2 hours every payroll by making it easy for her to export data from Quickbooks and access the system from home.” – Patti Komara, Patti’s All-American Gymnastics and Tumblebear Connection

Take a look at our Time Clock Guide if you want details.



How do you turn 2 minutes into $2K?

Easy answer: A feature called Time Clock that Jackrabbit offers to users of its system – for free.

One of our customers calculated that Time Clock saves them 2 minutes per customer per day. Apply some pretty simple math and that mere 2 minutes per customers grows into a $2,000 savings over the course of a year.  How much simpler – and more awesome – can that be?


Arduous time sheets are out of the equation.

Time Clock really changes the way you operate your office. Your staff’s energy doesn’t have to be soaked up gathering and entering payroll details that are more easily, quickly and accurately accomplished using technology.

Now you’re talking convenience!

Take your process remote. Your employees can input “time sheet” hours from anywhere using their phone or any computer with browser access anytime up to the moment payroll is actually processed.

Maintain control.

Quickly glance down your employee “time sheet” entries and spot inconsistencies. Just because it is quick, easy and convenient, doesn’t mean you lose control over it! You maintain ultimate approval over what your employees input before you pay them.

Find out more about Jackrabbit’s game-changing Time Clock. A customer’s viewpoint.

Time Clock Training Videos

Top Enhancements for March

Time Clock Enhancements

Decreasing Approve/Unapprove Processing Time

Processing approved/unapproved in Time Clock now takes from 3-6 seconds instead of the previous 1 minute. A “Loading” alert will provide notice that the processing is taking place. The larger the facility, the more different you will notice in processing time.

Change in Default Values

Default value changes in Time Clock make clicking through your time card search process much faster!

“Find Time Card Entries” default value now shows as “Unapproved” time entries.

“Show Summary or Detail” default value now shows as “Individual Time Entries”.








Updates to Splitting Time Entries

Several changes to Split capabilities in Time Clock make this process more intuitive for you and your staff.

When a time entry is split, the button name changes from “Split” to “Edit Split”.

The “Edit Split” pop-up has a new button called “Delete Split”. This will remove the split completely. This doesn’t change the in/out times.

When a time entry is split, the in and out times are no longer editable, the split will need to be deleted in order to change the in/out times. After the in/out times are changed, the time entry can be split again if necessary.

The ability to “Delete Split” is available to the staff person in the time clock (if they are in clock in/out time entry method) and to a Jackrabbit User ID in the Staff’s Time Clock tab.









Addition to Email Leads

The latest updates in the Lead File enable you to use “birth month” as a new criteria for searches.





Be a Super User

Our Support Team shares shortcuts for Jackrabbit features at User Conference where team members work with small groups and in one-on-ones. Using these shortcuts can definitely make you the system whiz in your office because they save time, shorten processes and make information quickly available to those who need it! These Time Clock and Customer Portal shortcuts were shared at one time or another during the East Coast User Conference so they may be familiar to some of you!
For Time Clock users:
Your instructors can view and print their class schedules by logging into the Clock and clicking the Class tab.
(Note screen shot below)
For Customer Portal users:
To brand your portal clearly and offer families a quick link to the portal, consider adding your portal URL to the header message when emailing statements.  If you utilize Jackrabbit’s e-commerce functionality and allow families to make payments via the portal (check your settings in TOOLS > Customer Portal Settings), they can use the link to make payment immediately after viewing their statement.
(Note screen shot below)

The emailed statement will display a clickable link when received:
(Note screen shot below)

Paperless Time Reporting and Payroll with Jackrabbit and Express Payroll


Paperless reporting is a reality. The logic for paperless reporting is overwhelming when it comes to running your small business. Company’s utilizing a paperless option for reporting save time, increase confidentiality, improve their archives, share data effortlessly, and most importantly, help the environment.

It saves time
Timesheets and payroll have gone paperless – the days of copying, printing, counting and filing employee timesheets as well as waiting for the paper payroll delivery are gone.  With the latest time reporting software you can transmit your approved time sheets and within hours you can have all of your reports viewable on your computer. You can send and book your payroll in the same day. If you happen to discover an error, paperless reporting gives you the option of fixing the payroll BEFORE the end of that day. This is a huge benefit if you have a lot of employees on direct deposit.

Increased confidentiality
Imagine not having to sign for your payroll package? Forget that, you would not even have to be at work to receive the payroll package. The payroll reports are sent directly to you via secure email or you can download them off of a secure website. No more paper floating around your office on payroll day. Locking your payroll reports in your drawer or a safe is eliminated. At the end of the year, you can receive all of your previous year documents (including quarterlies and W2’s) via a simple download.  Lastly, do you know that the employer is personally liable if someone breaks in to an old archive box of payroll records (filled with SSN & confidential information) and decides to sell the info for identity fraud?  That’s right – keep that data locked and shred it if you can.  Better yet, go paperless with employee portals and never worry again about identity theft liability.

Better Archives
Instead of thumbing through volumes of pages, now you can search for what you need on your computer. Do you need to review hours worked for a specific employee?  How about an employee’s pay from last year? Just a few clicks and you have your answer. Even if you still need to hold a piece of paper, you can print a page out and then know that you’re OK to shred that page a few minutes later. Face it, all of the time sheets and payroll reports are important, BUT only few need to be referenced on a consistent basis. Using a computer program is by far the more efficient way to maintain and retain employee time and payroll records.

Easy to share your data
Payroll data is highly sensitive, but it is common that different reports are handled by a few (or several) different people. I recall a client telling me how she spent a lot of time copying, cutting, and pasting to cover the other names on the check journal so she could give a department head data on one of their employees without showing him anything else. With paperless reporting you can just reprint an employee’s check stub. You can even email the check stub! How about accounting or financial advisors? Do they need your data? They can be given access to the reports directly or they can also get the reports they want, emailed when they need them. Nothing is less efficient than passing around a huge binder among co-workers (not to mention the potential security issue). Go paperless and streamline your office.

Green is good
Time sheets and payroll reports are viewed infrequently after the payroll has been booked, but they cannot go away. The law requires that the reports are retained for four years, but many nervous nellies out there will keep their payroll reports for 7 years or longer. Pack Rats can rest easier if they are not taking a forest down to fulfill their pet peeve. Paper is wonderful, but it is an unnecessary evil when it comes to keeping time and payroll records.

Go paperless today
There was a time when humans needed to re-copy BY HAND books in order to duplicate them. Paperless reporting is here and it is the future. Don’t be a dinosaur. Save some trees and improve your office mechanics. Improve your time recording and payroll report security while saving and sharing those more secure reports more easily. Best of all, you can save time, the most precious commodity in the workplace. The message is loud and green!

Jackrabbit’s new time clock feature is seamlessly integrated with Express Payroll.   

Learn more about Express Payroll or call with questions at 877-774-3327.