Owner Leverages Power of Single Database System to Manage Multiple Locations

To manage the details of 4 music schools and a dance school, Kelly Bowlin, owner of Gwinnett School of Music definitely needs a robust system. Data is the life blood of any business and Kelly’s organization is no different. Data is critical to managing day-to-day tasks and in making strategic business decisions. The single database foundation of Jackrabbit’s system enables owners to easily do both.

“Having multiple locations, yet a single database to work in, is awesome and its one of the features that gives Jackrabbit such power.” Kelly Bowlin, Gwinnett School of Music

The single database foundation enables some powerful features, two of which Kelly describes.

REPORTING PROVIDES CONSUMABLE DATA TO DECISION MAKERS | Nothing is worse than having no data to support decision making – except perhaps having data that you can’t use. Jackrabbit’s single database also makes amazingly enlightening reporting possible. And Jackrabbit’s report choices give you great starting points for quickly accessing data that is useful. And the feature is so flexible that you can specify endless criteria to tweak your reports to your delight and then save the report so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want your unique report.

“Jackrabbit is powerful for slicing and dicing data. And doing it isn’t complicated. In fact, Jackrabbit reporting is the only reasonable way that I can get data that is consumable – that actually has value to me in managing and growing our school.” Kelly Bowlin, Gwinnett School of Music

AUTOMATED PAYMENT SYSTEM IS BUSINESS CHANGING | Any size music school would find Jackrabbit’s payment system beneficial but it has a special place in Kelly’s heart because he can do a single process to get paid for all 5 locations. One of Jackrabbit’s key benefits is how it leverages automation and its payment process is a fine example of how taking humans out of the process creates tremendous advantages. Revenue reporting in Jackrabbit gives owners valuable tracking and comparisons that also change their confidence in revenue-related business decisions.

“Jackrabbit has the coolest payment system of any software of its kind. I love that I can batch payments together with their approval codes and see them accurately attributed in reports. I can run revenue tracking reports and create year-to-year comparisons. Being able to do this has totally changed the way I make decisions. The payment process has been transformational for our entire organization.” Kelly Bowlin, Gwinnett School of Music

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 5 locations, 747 active students, 75 instructors, Kelly Bowlin, Owner


How to Keep Up with Retention with Jackrabbit Reporting

Knowing how your student enrollment compares from Session to Session is HUGE! We have a report that can help you keep up with this easily and effortlessly. In Jackrabbit, this report is called the enrollment detail report. There are different filters to help narrow down the search results.

One important filter you can use is to search your historical enrollment by instructor. This option is a great tool to find effective instructors based on retention. Think of this report as Retention or Revenue Generating Staff.  Knowing who your top instructors are is very valuable information you can use to offer more classes by this instructor or less from another. You can also use it to engage instructors in incentive programs.

You can find this report in REPORTS > ENROLLMENT DETAIL. Set Active Classes Only=No, Current Student Status=[blank], & Current/Past Enrollments=All, along with other Search Criteria, for historical reporting.

To display a Student Summary (each student counts once) set Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary? = Student Summary.

To display an Enrollment Summary (a student in multiple classes counts for each class), set Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary? = Enrollment Details.


Adding a template will speed up the process for running this report. Set up the template for the first time and the next time you will just have to load the template ready to apply to your search.

Hint* To see all instructors on the same report just leave the instructor drop down blank.

Recent Enhancements that Improve Class Rolls, Time Clock Settings, Quick Registration Auto Post, NACHA Payoff Linking, Password Resets & Time Report Details

Changes to Class Rolls

Two changes were made:

Display Options are now available when accessing a Class Roll from a Class page. Prior to this, these options weren’t available and the report defaulted to certain settings. In order to comply with location and Cat1 User ID permissions, the class is auto-filled on the criteria page and can’t be changed.

“Show Emergency Contacts” is now a display option.


Pay Periods “Close” link added in Edit Time Clock Settings

A “Close” link was added to each Pay Period.  The link takes the user directly to the Close Pay Period Step 2 page because it already know which pay period is being closed.

The was done because in Clock>Close Pay Period only 3 pay periods appear in the Pay Period drop-down list: Current, Previous and Next. The reason for the short drop-down list is because payroll must be kept up to date and these are the most frequently used date ranges. However, if a pay period is too far back or too far in the future, it doesn’t appear in the drop-down list. The “Close” link added for each pay period in Edit Settings>Time Clock solves this issue.



Quick Reg Auto Post of Registration Fees and changes to the post fee screen

Registration fees will be automatically added into the Post Enrollment Fees screen after Quick Registration is submitted. This will only happen if the database has the “Post Registration Fees” set to “Yes”:



After the Quick Registration is submitted, the Quick Registration Post Enrollment Fees screen is displayed. Changes have been made to the screen to make it more user friendly:



a. The message has been changed from “Information Saved” to “XX Family Created”

b. Post column and checkboxes have been added.

c. Check All and Un-Check All buttons have been added.

d. Global “Post Fee” button was added at the bottom of the page and the individu
al fee line Post Fee buttons were removed.

e. After the fees are posted, the fee screen is closed and the user is taken directly to the Payment screen.



There is more to come for thie enhancement. Soon, the tuition defaults (multi-class and multi-student discounts) will automatically be in the tuition fee line.


NACHA Payoff Automatic Linking to Fees

When the NACHA Payoff  is ran, the payments will automatically link to the family’s outstanding fees. There only difference on the page is a red note alerting Users of the change:


This will make any organization using NACHA’s life so much easier. Up until now, every payment had to be manually linked.


Portal Password visible after password is reset

After a Contact’s portal password is reset, the new password is visible to the user until the message is closed. This will help with the issue of parent’s not receiving the password reset emails because of inbox filters etc. This way, staff can reset the password and then cut and paste it into an email to the contact.




Staff Time Clock Password visible after password is reset

After a Staff person’s time clock password is reset, the new password is visible to the user until the message is closed. This will help with the issue of contact’s not receiving the password reset emails because of inbox filters, etc. This way, staff can reset the password and then cut and paste it into an email to the other staff person.



Time Report sort by Staff Last Name and then First Name

The Time Report (all formats) are now sorted by Staff Last Name, First Name. Prior to today, the report defaulted to sort on Staff First Name, Last Name.