You Can Hide Some Class Information When Showing Classes Online

You can make your registration information visible in several online places. You may prefer for some details to be hidden – but how do you do this? And what can you hide?

The three places where you may want to customize the “view” of your class data that your customers see online are:

  • Class Listing Tables
  • Registration Form
  • Customer Portal

To change the view of information in these places, you need to hide columns and that task is handled differently in each place.

1) Class Listings tables – these are the optional table grids that are customizable and display directly on your webpages.  You can hide any of the columns by using the hidecols rule in the html code that is creating the table.

2) Registration Form – the Class Search page – this is the page that appears if the customer is inside your web Registration Form and clicks the “Search” button in the Classes section.  Columns shown here can be hidden, but it is rather involved and tricky, and depends how you are integrating the form:

3) Customer Portal – there is class data on the “Enroll” tab – the Customer Portal is a hard coded application and the data shown here is not editable – the only columns that can be hidden are the Instructors and the Openings.  In your database go to Tools>Customer Portal Settings>Settings tab, and they are near the bottom.


Parents Appreciate Online Tools that Accommodate their Lifestyles

Convenience, Confidence and Quality Sets Your Facility Apart

“Even the first time I used Jackrabbit’s online registration, it was easy to step through the process. 4Cats attaches class costs to accounts instead of offering a direct pay option. But Jackrabbit made it simple to understand this through very direct instructions on an intuitive screen.” Drew Stainton, Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Online Registration

Online registration is an incredible convenience for parents. It helps them to quickly enroll their children in the classes that they want or need – even if they can’t go to the facility or make calls during the workday. Including access to online payment options on the site page or through a portal takes online registration to the next level of convenience because it allows everything to be taken care of in one website visit. And ensures that the child’s place is confirmed – which makes parents happy.

“I am a software developer – specifically, an interface guy – so I quickly recognized that Jackrabbit’s interface is well-designed – much better than some others that I’ve used. All the information that I needed was well-communicated and the way that I was led through the steps in the portal made sense. This is really important in interface design and not every company pays attention to it.” Drew Stainton, Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Online Registration

Jackrabbit’s online registration and portal tools give parents speed and convenience because they can:

  • Leverage the speed and convenience of the Internet to register children for classes or camps.
  • Use technology tools – even if they are not very tech savvy – without frustration.
  • Make sure that their children don’t miss out on activities because of their schedule limitations.
  • Take care of activities associated with registration, such as payment, in one easy website visit.
  • Identify spending trends and establish a reasonable budget for lesson costs.
  • Track attendance and make-ups to ensure that absences aren’t costing them extra money.

“The Jackrabbit tools that 4Cats uses make them look very professional and established. It doesn’t give me much comfort as a parent to sign my child up for an activity with a facility that just uses a PayPal link, so the portal with its integrated payment system sets 4Cats above those who don’t bother to build that in.” Drew Stainton, Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Online Registration

Online Registration Made Even Easier

We’re excited to announce several enhancements that give you some registration capabilities that you’ve been asking for!

These enhancements impact online registration and the portal, so read them carefully to make sure you understand where your new capabilities exist.

Web Registration Enhancements

Enroll students in up to 15 classes!

The web registration form now allows each student to enroll in 15 classes! The first five classes will appear along with an “Add More Classes” button. Clicking this button will open Select Class lines #6-10. Parents can then click the “Add More Classes” button again to open up the remaining Select Class lines #11-15. If your portal is active, a message will display telling the parent to visit your portal to enroll in unlimited classes.

Enroll Student in Events via Online Registration!

You now have the option to allow parents to enroll a student online for Events.

You will notice these changes:

On the Event Type Summary tab we’ve added a “Default Allow Enrollment For” Family or Student option. The default for this is “Family” so that your existing online registration process is not changed by this new capability.

On the Event Date/Time Summary tab we’ve added an “Allow Enrollment For” Family or Student option. Each new Event Date/Times created will default to the Event Type’s “Default Allow Enrollment For” setting, but you can change this per individual Event Date.

Additional tip: If you’d like any existing Events to allow parents to enroll students online, please edit the Event Date/Time to change this setting to “Student”.

Inside Jackrabbit, you will still be able to enroll both Families and Students into an event. The above settings only affect what the parent sees when registering for an event online.

See your Last Day of Enrollment Classes in Web Registration!

Each day, classes with last enrollment dates are displayed in Web Registration so that you and your parents know – at a glance – that the window of opportunity in enrolling in those classes is closing.

This makes Web Registration’s displayed information on the Last Day of Enrollment consistent with the information in the Portal.

Portal Registration Enhancement

It is now easier for your parents to register students for Events through the Portal!

Existing Students are now displayed with a check-box for easy selection when parents want to register them for new sessions using the Portal. Age Filtering is now also available so that you can make sure that only students meeting each Event’s age requirements are allowed to enroll into the Events.

See these and other Jackrabbit enhancements on our website.


Jackrabbit Gives Owner Comprehensive View of Her Business and Parents Transparency into Accounts

Barb Graeve Swim School
1 location, 2040 students, 19 instructors
Owner, Barb Graeve


Barb Graeve Swim School had outgrown its database system that was also lacking the features it needed to serve the school’s specific needs. Tracking payments was impossible and class sign-ups were an ordeal. The school needed a better picture of the business and better processes so they could continue to focus attention on student and family relationships.


Jackrabbit has provided Barb Graeve Swim School with an integrated set of tools to organize, manage and review its business data. By automating processes such as registration, the school’s staff has been freed up to interact with families about things that are important to them – like skills and progress. Parents are provided with convenient online processes that have totally eliminated the lines and waiting game that manual registration processes forced on them.

Jackrabbit’s online system removed the school’s risk of data loss and gave them confidence in the accuracy of their data. By being online, the system provides parents 24/7 access to their account information and to online registration – all from whatever device they are using. Transparency into their accounts is important to the swim school’s families because they are more in control of and more confidence in the security of their information and have a better understanding of what is going on with their children.


Jackrabbit has given Barb Graeve Swim School a system that is liberating and empowering to school staff and convenient and informative for parents.

“The ability to work at home is liberating and the fact that the solution is web-based takes away the worry of which computer has the ‘most current’ information. The portal is tremendous because parents can find information on their own and aren’t forced to wait for responding emails from us with answers. Even with all of the superior features, the most impressive part of Jackrabbit is its commitment to our needs. It is obvious that our input is taken to heart each time we see the many monthly enhancements. We don’t have to work around things to get the software to do what we want.” 

“Jackrabbit’s portal is tremendous because parents can find information on their own and aren’t forced to wait for responding emails from us with answers.”  — Barb Graeve, Barb Graeve Swim School

Jackrabbit is Catalyst in Little Otter’s Efficiency and Sustainability Goals

Little Otter Swim School

2 locations, 2700 students (seasonal swings between 1900-2700), 70 instructors

Owners, John & Lory Kirk


John understood the value of providing parents with online registration, but his existing vendor was not moving forward to adopt an online registration feature. John had watched Jackrabbit’s growth and product development over the years and saw the opportunity to switch to a system that had mature online features.


John immediately put Jackrabbit’s online tools to work, using registration, communication templates and the parent portal to become a 24/7 operation, offering services to parents when they can best take advantage of them.

John capitalized on Jackrabbit’s platform flexibility to customize his online registration with logic that directs parents to classes that are appropriate for their students based on information they enter. John administrative area also moved quickly to maximize Jackrabbit’s automatic payment features – which had been a challenge in their previous system. Jackrabbit’s user friendly, simple direct debit process put John’s office manager at ease with the automation and allowed Little Otter to offer this popular convenience easily and quickly to parents.

Little Otter takes advantage of Jackrabbits’ web-based platform to use the system from multiple devices within their location (or outside of it) with iPads, Laptops and iPhones in addition to the traditional desktops used in the administrative area.


Jackrabbit helped Little Otter leverage the technology, the Internet and wireless devices to make his swim school super-efficient, paperless and accommodating to its families.

“Jackrabbit has made it possible for us to use iPads and laptops on the pool deck to be more efficient.  It has made a phenomenal addition to our process.”  — John Kirk, Little Otter Swim School

See what John Kirk has to say about Jackrabbit in two different YouTube videos: YouTube Video 1  and YouTube Video 2.


Recent System Enhancements Make Your Work Easier

Our development team has been busy making our give you the features and functionality you need to work smarter not harder.

A few of the latest enhancements that may spark your interestes are noted below.


Portal: Parents notified when a “0” (zero) opening class is selected

Parents will now see a red highlighted “0” (zero) when a class has zero openings and a future drop. If the parent selects this class, she/he will be alerted with “Class has zero openings. Please select a different class.” Prior to today, the parent would receive an email stating their child wasn’t enrolled. This change gives the parent immediate notification.






Quick Registration: Alert of possible duplicate Family

When the Quick Registration is submitted, the family name, 1st 8 characters of the address and the zip code are compared to existing families. If an existing family has all 3 the same, then the user will be alerted and asked if it’s the same family or a different family.



If it’s the same family, click “Yes” and the new information will merge into the existing family information.

If it’s a different family, click “No” and a new family is created.


View Registrations sort order changed: Newest to oldest

View Registrations sort order was changed to newest registration to the oldest registration. This makes it easier for the user to see the most recent activity.


e-Batch new section: Last 5 e-Batches submitted

There is a new section on the Batch e-Payment page called “Last 5 e-Batches submitted for processing (within the past 12 hours)”. This will provide a list of the 5 batches, e-Payment Method, batch status and number of accounts in the batch.


If a batch in is process when looking at the e-Batch screen, the in-progress batch is highlighted in yellow.



If the User creates a batch and don’t process it (eg they just look to see the families/accounts and amounts in the batch), the batch will not appear in the grid because it wasn’t submitted.


Date Paid” added to Staff Time Card (staff>time clock tab)

When a time entry is a part of a closed pay period, the Date Paid will appear in the Staff’s Time Clock tab.


Today’s Enhancement: Portal Includes User-definable Enrollment Note

Portal now has a user-definable “Enrollment Note” which can be required for the parent to enter information into this field upon registration.

A new “Enrollment Comment Label” has been added to the Portal Settings page. A user can define the label with their own text, but it will default to “Comment” if not changed. This can be set to require the parent to enter this information during portal registration. The information is displayed in the confirmation email to the organization and the confirmation email to the parent.

The parent sees:


The confirmation email to both the Jackrabbit user and the parent:


Use Jackrabbit’s Online Modules without a Company Website

No website? No worries! You can still use our online modules.

You can use any of Jackrabbit’s online modules via emails, on Facebook or by providing a webpage address on a printed flyer.

The four modules can be used as simple hyperlinks.  All the “webpages” reside on our servers, not yours.

The online modules are: Class Listings, Online Registration, Customer Portal, Staff Portal, and Monthly Event Calendar.

Use Print and Email to Help Customers Use Online Tools

Let’s first look at email and print as ways to provide online information to your customers.

A printed card or flyer and a simple email may not be as “attractive” as their website counterparts, but they do a good job of giving customers online capabilities from simple content.

Printed example:











If you would like to see how this works when customers type the links in their browsers, click below on the actual links that are illustrated in the image above:

New Summer Session and Registration Starts on Saturday

Our New Customers

Register by filling out our form at:

Our Returning Customers

Register in your portal:


Make a note of our Special Events:

We look forward to seeing you in class!

An email is easily accomplished by using the HTML formatting and hyperlink icon in your personal email or in the Jackrabbit email template editor.

The links can be hidden in the email behind a word or a phrase.


The links work in exactly the same way as in the first email where the URL shows.

Hi parents!  We are excited for the new Summer Session and registration starts on Saturday!

New customers can register by filling out our New Customer Registration Form

Returning customers can register and manage your account in your Customer Portal

Everyone can go to this link to check out our Special Events on our Monthly Event Calendar

What about using Facebook?

You can take each of the links you’ve used in your printed pieces and/or emails and post each of them to your Facebook page. The web addresses will work just as they do in the other items, linking your customer directly to the page on the Jackrabbit server so they can take care of their online business whenever they wish.

Below is an example of posting a link to the New Customer Registration Form:



 There’s More!

You can also share basic Class Listings Tables via email.

Here are some examples of various tables (grouped by Category code) that you will also find on the JackrabbitSchool site:

If you are ready to try kicking up your heels, try one of our great Cottontail Kick classes.

Bouncing around sound better?  Try one of our Bunny Bounce classes instead.

For you extreme athletes, check out the variety of all of our Advanced classes.

Value to You

While those with websites can present these options to customers in a more glamorous way, emails and printed pieces give you good alternatives for giving customers online access without a website of your own. Your organization and your customers can benefit from the convenience, accuracy and speed of using online tools for account, registration, class and event management.