Jackrabbit Gives Studio Owner Freedom to Seek Her Entrepreneurial Goals

Stacy Tuschl, Owner:
The Academy of Performing Arts
Stacy Tuschl Consulting

It takes a special person to operate and grow two companies. And according to Stacy, it takes special software too. She leverages technology in every way possible so that – in addition to being a studio owner – Stacy can be an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business coach.

“I couldn’t operate the studio – much less launch another company – without Jackrabbit. It is a huge part of the business.”







Stacy and her staff really leverage their software investment. Stacy doesn’t like using different software programs and likes Jackrabbit because it provides so much in one. Jackrabbit also has tools that everyone in her studio can use: managers, instructors, parents and students.

Auto-Pilot the Processes

“We can take advantage of so many efficiencies and automated processes in Jackrabbit. It allows us to put some of our processes on auto-pilot. And that allows me to go off and do other things that I am passionate about.”

Stacy places great importance on Jackrabbit’s :

  • Communication between locations (Enables Stacy to run multiple locations as if they were one.)
  • Task assignment features (Allow Stacy to monitor the tasks that her office manager assigns to staff members.)
  • Data-rich dashboard (Provides Stacy with performance indicators for every critical area of her business.)
  • Web-based log-in (Enables Stacy to do everything from home or from wherever she’s traveled to meet clients.)
  • Multiple in-software and in-person training options (Eliminate Stacy’s worries that her staff can get and stay up to speed with the software.)

Sharpen Her Focus

Stacy’s studio activities are focused on marketing and business development.

She has a leadership team that handles the day-to-day details. They run reports and then provide her with critical details of all operational areas.

By delving into these reports, Stacy can stay on top of marketing and business development for the studio:

  • Source Report (marketing)
  • Enrollment Report
  • Year-to-Year Comparisons

“It’s all about the reporting. Having access to them gives me confidence in the way the studio runs. When I have that level of confidence, I can use more quality time on developing content for the master classes I offer as a consultant.”

Stacy has an entrepreneurial fire for using what she’s learned in her studio experience to help other studio owners. She’s been able to put lots of quality time into her content because her studio runs so flawlessly in the hands of her leadership team and because she has so much access, control and efficiency managing her studio – regardless of where she is – with Jackrabbit.

If you’re interested in more, check out Stacy’s two businesses, The Academy of Performing Arts& Stacy Tuschl Consulting, and take a look at her content offer in her upcoming free live master class.


Owners Put Jackrabbit’s Automation and Flexibility to Work

There is a lot going on at Jennings Music and Education Center. The center offers a few group lessons but the bulk of lessons offered are private. The Center also sells products in quite a large store. There is a large room equipped for bands and Band labs are offered for musicians to work on combining their skills.

AUTOMATION AND SIMPLIFICATION KEEP OWNERS ENGAGED | With so much activity, there is little time for time-consuming data entry and complex class and payment management processes. Levering Jackrabbit’s feature-rich system to automate and simplify as much of the business end of the center as possible is what enables owners Elizabeth and Phil Niverson to be engaged with their instructors and students in a meaningful way.

Offering online registration, auto-pay options and account management through the parent portal, gives parents the self-serve convenience that they want and it allows the Niversons to spend more time with people than numbers and processes.

“Jackrabbit helps us manage the business of our business so we can get our eyes off the computer screen and stay engaged with our real business assets–our students and instructors.”

PUSHING SYSTEM FLEXIBILITY TO MEET ATYPICAL NEEDS | Phil has the advantage of using a powerful system like Jackrabbit but he also has another advantage, he’s a full-time IT consultant who spends his evenings at the center. So he can really push the flexibility that Jackrabbit’s system offers to him. He has been able to take the import template that Jackrabbit provides and utilize it to import class details for each new teacher. When it comes times to build the classes for online registration, this tweak has saved him hours of tedious work. In addition, he is able to utilize the flexible transaction search, templates and export features to quickly calculate paid tuition by teacher to make payroll a 15 minute process.

“The varied class structures and multitude of private lessons common for music schools present a challenge for any class management system but Jackrabbit’s flexibility has allowed me to fit its functionality to my business.”

“Jackrabbit is the best system out there for handling transaction activities. And the report templates allow me to get the unique details of our business presented in ways that help us make decisions based on business facts–and then we can save them and never have to remake them to our unique needs again.”

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 160+ students, 20 instructors, Elizabeth and Phil Niverson, Owners

Jackrabbit Gives EyeLevel Owner Operational Automation and Knowledge to Grow into Franchise Leader

EyeLevel of Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, Hillsborough and Warren

4 locations, 300 students, 15 instructors

Owner, Kunal Mehta


Kunal was in search of a couple of capabilities in a management system for his four learning locations. He wanted a better way to collect fees and enroll students and thought that a system with a dynamic database would made tracking his data simpler and much more accurate.


Kunal had been using Excel spreadsheets to manage his data and so – of course – making the change to a comprehensive online management system was a bit intimidating. However, Kunal knew the benefits for making the change and a little change anxiety wasn’t a deterrent. Automation in key areas is what Kunal was expecting and Jackrabbit delivered it, greatly simplifying both his enrollment and payment processing.

The bonus for Kunal as owner was the database and dashboard. The knowledge that he now has of his four locations is presented clearly and accurately in his dashboard – giving him all key performance indicators for his businesses. Reports in Jackrabbit provide specific data about the areas in each location that can change daily – such as enrollment, attendance, payment status. Kunal’s new quality of data enabled him to improve decision making and to lead his four locations to earn the spot as the leading franchises among all EyeLevel franchises.


Jackrabbit gives owners in multi-location situations access to powerful reports that can help in decision making and automated tools that make running multiple locations less complex and time-consuming.

“Jackrabbit makes a tremendous difference in the way we operate and the way I make decisions by eliminating manual tasks with automation and opening up my data to me.”  — Kunal Mehta, EyeLevel Bridgewater

Jackrabbit Flexibility Allows Customization to Accompany Automation and Convenience

All Star Legacy

3 locations, 500 students with seasonal increases, 25 instructors

Owner, Kyle Grussmeyer


Kyle needed business management software that would provide details of his financials and classes quickly and effectively, but his billing needs didn’t fit the typical class management solution because of of his unique seasonal classes. He became more optimistic when a couple other competitive cheer business owners recommended Jackrabbit to him.


For Kyle, putting Jackrabbit in place took a little help from Jackrabbit’s support team to make the few tweaks necessary to have everything he needed up and running – including his unique class offerings and billing needs. Jackrabbit is unique among business and class management solutions in its flexibility and customizable features and this is what makes the system great for competitive cheer and dance organizations whose class and billing formats are more complex than other class-based organizations and allows them to reap the benefits of freedom from daily repetitive tasks and data entry.

With his reports, Kyle can see and understand his financial status – at the location or entire business level – without requesting information from his accountant. Online registration liberates all staff and customers. Jackrabbit replaces what was a painstaking, laborious process with automation while parents enjoy the ability to register at their own convenience.


Jackrabbit provides flexible yet powerful reporting and benefits of customization and automation to organization with unique needs.

“Jackrabbit’s portal and online registration allow parents to control their own information because we give them the tools to manage their accounts at the best time and from the best place for them. That is a real differentiator.”  — Kyle Grussmeyer, All Star Legacy

Jackrabbit’s Automation and Online Processes Prove to be Game-Changers for ACE Gadsden

ACE All Stars Gadsden

6 locations, 600 students, 24 instructors

Owners, JR & Kelley Zeringue


With six growing locations in the ACE family, it was important to standardize their management systems so that performance could be tracked across the entire group. The Zeringue’s were disappointed in their previous system and decided to follow the Atlanta ACE location’s lead in putting Jackrabbit in place.


JR and Kelley immediately noticed how easy it was for their staff to learn the Jackrabbit system. The value to ACE customers shined through with detailed information available at their staff’s fingertips and conveniences of online registration and payment processes.

JR and Kelley also noticed a tremendous time savings for their staff. Before switching to Jackrabbit, the office manager was inundated with scheduling and registering students and booking birthday parties. Now that those processes are automated or provided self-serve online or electronically, the office manager can place priorities on more personal needs of their students and families.

The automated payment process is an example of how Jackrabbit has improved the way ACE Gadsden operates. ACE can immediately collect any payment that hasn’t been received by the 10th of the month. This has practically eliminates the collections process and saves parents who provide a reference credit card a $15 late fee.


Jackrabbit’s automated online and electronic features have enhanced the conveniences that ACE can offer to its customers, streamlined operations, improved cash flow and freed staff to provide a higher level of personal service.

“Jackrabbit’s automated payment and online registration features have probably been the biggest game changers for us. These features totally take time-consuming processes out of our hair and make them available to parents 24/7.”  — JR & Kelley Zeringue, ACE All Stars Gadsden

See what Kelley has to say about Jackrabbit on YouTube.

Help for the Front Office

Streamlining and Improving through Automation

Front Office can be a hectic place in any children’s activity center.

It is the hub of organization for your business, so it is important that you don’t let hectic turn into chaos.
First of all, it is important to have organized and professional people who know your business working in your Front Office. If you don’t unleash information into your Front Office staff’s hands, you are constantly going to be interrupted with questions.

Secondly, it is important to provide tools that help mitigate chaos in your Front Office and enable your staff to be efficient and effective.

Thirdly, do whatever you can to raise your level of service in your Front Office area.

Here are six tips that will help you apply some simple policies that will not only improve service but it will also present your organization in the most professional light.

  1. Greet everyone that comes in the door – by name if possible. Using a professional, proactive greeting as they approach the desk such as “Hi – How may I help you?” Never wait for them to ask for help. They may not always know what they need.
  2. Never keep customers waiting – whether on the phone or in person. Customer questions and conversations take precedence. Answer the phone on the first ring and always answer customers’ questions immediately in person.
  3. Respect their time and be real. Keep it short and informative. There aren’t many things, besides emergency situations, that should distract you from the customer standing right in front of you, on the phone or on hold, or the one waiting on an email response.
  4. Don’t take or make personal phone calls when you could be helping customers. Helping them always comes first. Check phone messages often and answer them as soon as you possibly can.
  5. Make those who have the best phone presence your primary phone staff, but also train everyone else in best phone practices and etiquette.
  6. Pitch in to help when the Front Office is hectic. Whether with phones or heavy office traffic, it is always better to have a live people talking to customers than forcing them to wait or deal with voice mail.

Go back to that second item – providing tools that support the efforts of your Front Office staff. This is where technology can really be a game-changer. There are several management systems that help organizations to be better at what they do. The trick is to be sure you choose the one that gives you ways to be better at what you do AND spend less to do it.

Automation not only eliminates mundane processes from your Front Office staff’s daily responsibilities but also makes your data more accurate. Billing, registration, employee time tracking and bar code attendance tracking are critical business areas that automation can be applied to make your Front Office more efficient.

Automated billing processes not only eliminate time-consuming manual processes, but improve cash flow and collection issues by making sure that you get your money at the same time every month.

Online registration tools give you an easy way to offer as much of your curriculum as you want via your website and customers always available registration options. No more wondering class availabilities and options, no more waiting in lines, no more worries of getting your child in the right class – no more of any of the inconveniences and issues of manual registration processes. Online registration gives organizations overnight 24-7 availability without requiring more staff resources.

Employee time tracking with time clock features turns time tracking over to employees, requiring you simply to approve and send the details on to QuickBook – or to your account. This helps eliminate mundane paperwork and helps to reduce the billable hours from your accountant.

Portal access – that puts ordering and payment processing into the hands of parents – also opens up an avenue to provide self-serve information to parents. This can be huge for your Front Office because it cuts down on phone traffic that usually comes at already hectic registration or event times.

Activity-specific modules can also help to reduce chaos in the Front Office. Costume and recital management provides automation and minimizes errors. Point of Sale tools give organizations the inventory tracking and payment tools they need to sell items that students want and need for classes without causing a tremendous impact to staff.

The real beauty of supporting your Front Office staff with technology is that they have newly-found time to spend nurturing relationships with your customers and helping to execute the marketing activities that you now have time to plan. Instead of just keeping your head above water in running your business, you finally can move through what is tactical to work on strategic activities that will attract new families and grow your business!