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System Flexibility Allows Dance Davidson to Offer Unique Pricing Structure

In a recent visit to the Dance Davidson studio, Terilynne Knox revealed to Jackrabbit how the system’s flexibility had given her the ability to make classes more affordable for families with multiple students. Terilynne’s pricing structure is so unique that no class management systems have an option that fits.

Lucky for Terilynne, she uses Jackrabbit.
Jackrabbit was designed to be flexible because co-founders Mark Mahoney and Mike Carper knew that their customer base included owners who would want to offer different and unique options – in the way they price and discount their classes, the way they offer and accept registrations or an endless list of other original ideas.

Terilynne prices her classes by the hour and reduces the rate as the number of hours per family increases. This gives multi-student families a significant price advantage.

Think of the older student who takes two classes a week with the younger sister who is just beginning her dance experience with one class a week. Or the advanced student who spends several days a week in classes. The hours add up quickly, but Terilynne doesn’t want to penalize those whose children are interested in dance and excited about learning.

“When you do the math, the per hour system is more generous to families than a straight multi-student discount on monthly class prices,” says Terilynne. “I love to see my students excel and offering their parents a way to watch this happen without breaking the bank keeps my conscience clear.”

With all of the reasons for doing this aside, Terilynne had to figure out how to do this in Jackrabbit. With the system’s flexibility, she felt like there was a way to make it happen.

After her first unsuccessful attempt to figure this out alone, Terilynne reached out to Jackrabbit’s support team with her special pricing needs.

“There are several ways we can help clients work with the system’s flexibility to do unusual things. As we approached Terilynne’s hourly pricing request, we realized that methods we had used with some other unique pricing requests just didn’t apply to her hourly pricing model. But now the challenge was on!” comments Customer Support Manager, Jorine Jones.

“After working with Terilynne on a couple of options, the breakthrough finally came and now Terilynne has a method for calculating and billing her customers with her tiered hourly pricing structure that works beautifully,” Jones explains. “We’re always thrilled to find solutions for our customers’ unique requests and to see that our system allows them to get creative in setting themselves apart from their competitors.”

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