Jackrabbit Staff Portal frequently asked questions

Staff Portal: Questions That Make You Say ‘Hmmm’

The Staff Portal is quite the amazing feature for employees but owners and managers don’t know how they managed before it. The Staff Portal saves oodles and oodles of time for those who need to monitor and manage time entry and work hours for their business. 

How important is maintaining control of staff communication and time management? It’s business critical. But just because it’s highly critical doesn’t mean that it should soak up massive amounts of your time.

The Staff Portal puts data entry and accessing communication and information on the employee and takes it off of the you – without taking away your control of it.  Sounds amazing because it is. Learn more about the what the Staff Portal does.  But for now, read some of the questions that pop up about the Staff Portal that and make you say ‘Hmmm!’ Staff Portal FAQs are here to give you some answers to these questions.

Did you ever wonder why there are these types of questions?

Part of the reason is that Jackrabbit – like many other softwares – is highly customizable. Customization sort of opens the door for FAQs because every situation is a little different.

FAQs often can’t be categorized and don’t fit well into best practice articles and user guides. Every imaginable question from login IDs to flashing dashboard alerts and the use of Kindles is asked.  

It’s also because some of the details asked about in FAQs may be ‘down in the weeds’ – as we often say – for help articles and guides to cover and still be of reasonable, digestible length.

Please review our FAQs on the Staff Portal. We can’t publish everything we’re asked but we try to publish the ones that we believe will be helpful to others.

We welcome the submission of additional FAQs to newsletter@jackrabbittech.com if, in fact, the answer to any particular question cannot be found in existing resources.


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