Software that helps you get your life back

Software that Helps You Get Your Life Back

If there was a secret to getting your pre-studio ownership life back, would you want to know it?

The secret is, there is no secret.

The reasons that your ‘me time’ has disappeared center around ineffective business strategies that have resulted in disorganized studio operations. It’s time to restrategize. 

Doing so will save you time and get you back to being the teacher, parent, spouse and friend who enjoyed cooking dinner, going to the movies and simply sitting on the porch with a glass of wine.  

Identifying and correcting the disorganized areas of your business is not something you have to do alone. We can help you make your operational processes sing!

In fact, we’ve written an eBook [link to Software That Returns ‘Me Time’ to You] that is all about getting your life back via breaking bad business habits.

8 ways to improve your work-life balance

There are eight areas of focus that, when neglected, can lead to inefficient business strategies. While they may seem like common sense, the following are important to maintaining a healthy work-life balance:

  • Get rid of bad habits.

Maintain a focused mind to help get your business growing in a positive direction.

  • Get advice from your peers.

Surround yourself with people who have the capability to offer you and your business valuable suggestions and guidance.

  • Get your tech on. 

Utilize technology to your business advantage.

  • Get your swagger back. 

Say yes, but not so often that you lose your swagger.

  • Get back to basics. 

When in doubt, go back to the basics.

  • Get ready for paperless. 

Subscribe to the idea that less is more by investing in a paperless operation.

  • Get your money. 

Collecting business payments could be considered the most important process for your organization, but it doesn’t have to be the most time-consuming one. 

  •  Get smart. 

Use smart reporting features that help you capture and understand your business metrics. 

Get your life back with Jackrabbit Class Management Software

Time-savings can cause results that go far past game-changing to being completely life-changing. Clients are adamant about what class management cloud software in general – and Jackrabbit software in particular – can do for a studio, gym, swim or music school or care center.

Jackrabbit’s impact on Kyle Grussmeyer’s All Star Legacy cheer gym has been operational efficiency. His processes flow without hiccups, to create a smooth operational environmental that gives staff members the freedom to get creative with business improvements and customer relationship development.

For Carolyn Wells, Jackrabbit’s impact has been more personal. As she had prepared for the launch of her new dance studio, she already was finding her time being sucked up by paperwork and data entry.

Her question was: ‘How can I possibly handle the studio, students and parents and my family life? With a new baby, how will I find the freedom to take care of her when she needs me and do what needs to be done in the studio?’ Her first registration online answered all of her questions.

Jackrabbit was her back office! Carolyn was able to find plenty of mommy time and take care of her business operations from her home computer and only be in the studio when classes were happening.

There are more examples.

  •       Matt Harr, who owns Triangle Swim School, says Jackrabbit allows him to be more strategic about his swim school business.
  •       Stephanie Tomalis, manager of Charlotte Aquatics, credits Jackrabbit with unchaining her from her desk and helping the entire office to work smarter, not harder.
  •       Gerry Newton, co-owner of British Academy of Performing Arts, describes Jackrabbit as the digital interpretation of the most amazing office manager.

These Jackrabbit clients truly understand the value of Jackrabbit to their quality of life inside and outside of their businesses.

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