The Power of the Send Idea Button

You have an amazing button built into every screen of your Jackrabbit software and it can help you to become an “idea generator” who contributes to the creation of new features you see in our software by just clicking on it.

I’m talking about the Send Idea Button. If you’ve never used it there are a couple of things I’d like to tell you.

  1. You should use it.
  2. If you do use it, you have a direct line to contribute ideas to our development process.

You see, here at Jackrabbit, there are several things that we are fanatics about and one of them is getting your ideas and input. When the software was first developed, its original designers, thought the best way to gather input was to provide a very simple way for users to send it – no matter where they are in the software. After all, if you wait until you log out and have time to send an email, you’ve probably lost track of your great idea! So they came up with the Send Idea Button and placed it conveniently on every screen. And there it has stayed for all these years!

The Send Idea Button opens a new window in your software so you can see the page that you are on when you have your epiphany. We want you to be as detailed as possible when you provide your idea and this helps you do that!



No, the Send Idea Button isn’t a new feature or enhancement. But it can be one of the most important buttons you can use in helping us to keep our software in sync with you and your business so that we can continue to make improvements and additions that will help you with the new challenges that you face.

I know many of you use the Send Idea Button because we have thousands of your ideas in the database where we track your ideas. Our product managers and product roadmap teams use this database constantly. We put high priority on your needs.

Our Support Team looks at the ideas submitted through the Send Idea Button so they can assist the sender if the idea they are submitting already exists or if there is a way to work around it until a time when the idea may be added.

East York Gymnastics and Ace All Stars Gadsden completely understand the Send Idea Button.

From East York, Melissa Hawrylyshyn notes: “Jackrabbit listens and cares about its customers. The consistent flow of software enhancements that improve function, usability and accuracy gives us confidence that Jackrabbit will not only be able to meet our future needs but will help educate and inspire us to grow the club. It’s also refreshing to note that these enhancements are most often initiated by us – the user – through the use of their SEND IDEA button. It simply feels like we are part of a team not just a customer.”

From Ace, J.R. Zeringe adds: “Jackrabbit’s open attitude toward user input on development is refreshing! Through the Send Idea button, we know that we’re putting our ideas directly in front of those who create new features and enhancements. We usually quickly hear back that our idea is on the development schedule.”

Become an “idea generator”. Send your ideas for what you’d like to see the software do next. Click on the button!

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