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The Jackrabbit Point of Sale: Your Own Built-in Mini Cash Register – and it’s Free

For any organizations that sell something other than their regularly scheduled services, the new point of Sale feature that is offered free of charge in the Jackrabbit system, is the bomb!

Logo wear and clothing students need for class are no brainers as items that can be sold using these point-of-sale capabilities. And we’re learning from our beta test group, that use of this feature is limited only by creativity!

We’ve heard of studios using this for one-off lessons, gyms using it for their open gym days, swim schools using it for employee uniforms and multisport folks using it for birthday parties and mommy’s night outs.

What this new feature provides users is the ability to easily sell merchandise, keep track of inventory, and have valuable retail based reports at their fingertips.

“I absolutely LOVE Jackrabbit Point of Sale!  Entering a transaction, finding items that need to be re-ordered, payments, and much more are sooooo easy!  Jackrabbit Staff are super quick to answer questions and make improvements to Point of Sale!  I can’t say enough positive things about it!”

Buffy Folise, Chicago Swim School                

We know from our test group that Point of Sale is:

  • Very easy to use and understand.
  • Ultra-fast in serving the customer  – especially when you add the barcode and encrypted credit card swipe reader capabilities
  • Simple in handling inventory items – setting important revenue tracking information (trans type, cat1) once and not on each transaction. (This also boosts speed and makes revenue tracking more accurate!)
  • A vehicle for using a credit card (other than the one on file) as a one-time use transaction.
  • Complete with a receipt that includes details of the purchase.

This means credit cards can be used in purchases through Jackrabbit’s Point of Sale without overriding the existing on-file card information. This is huge for businesses that have lots of walk up sales from non-clients.

The Speed of Independence with the Data Accessibility of Integration

Even though Point of Sale is an integrated part of Jackrabbit, it doesn’t force the user to access family information just to sell a mom a t-shirt or to allow grandma to pay for recital costumes. This really amps up the speed and simplicity of the feature so that the temps and college kids that may help out on weekends can easily use it! Point of Sale doesn’t automatically override existing credit card information or change any account details, but it tracks all purchases in Jackrabbit so it can be included in reports and inventory.


No mottling in family accounts (although accessing accounts can be done if necessary). This keeps the transaction quick and uncomplicated. However, the capabilities are there for situations when you need to access the account.

“We like the fact that, when we need to, we can charge merchandise to the customers card on file.  That way a parent does not have to walk out to get their card to buy merchandise.  This results in more sales and happier customers.”

John Kirk, Little Otter Swim School

Accessible Everywhere.

Unlike some PC-based solutions out there, Jackrabbit’s Point of Sale is available everywhere you can use your Jackrabbit system. In other words, you can sell items from any device that uses a browser!

“We’re very happy with the Point of Sale feature.  In the past, we were using Quickbooks Point of Sale and it was a little of a hassle having two systems running and pulling reports.  Jackrabbit’s Point of Sale lets us streamline our operation by ringing up a sale on any device – and that is great!  Now we don’t have people having to wait to purchase merchandise.”

John Kirk, Little Otter Swim School

Jackrabbit’s Point of Sale module offers the following features:

  • New “Store” option in the red menu line
  • Inventory can be created with on hand quantity, cost, and other important information
  • Vendors from whom you purchase items/inventory can be created
  • Families can have items/inventory and regular fees posted to their accounts
  • General “Store” accounts to track items sold (not linked to families)
  • Items with bar codes can be scanned into the system to add inventory to make receiving new items quick
  • Items with bar codes can be scanned when being purchased to speed up the transaction
  • Credit card swipe reader can be used to get credit card information into the system accurately and safely. (encrypted credit card swipe reader available through Safe Save  Process Pink and Studio Auto Pay)
  • A new credit card can either replace the existing card information or be used for a single transaction (card information will not be saved)
  • Reports can give important information to see total profit, profit by item, profit by vendor, sales tax and re-order quantity alerts
  • User permissions enable you to maintain control of your security – even with temporary weekend help.


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