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Mobile App Gives Barron Gymnastics Competitive Advantage and the Stats to Prove It

Scott Barron of Barron Gymnastics expresses his delight with Mobile Inventor app.

Simplicity of mobile app gives parents the features they need and convenience they demand.

Guiding the Process

The results that Barron Gymnastics has seen from its mobile app reflect the careful thought and planning set in motion in the initial meetings that Scott had with the Mobile Inventor team.  Mobile Inventor helped Scott to work his goals for the app into the most simple and user friendly design. Mobile Inventor’s guidance helps to ensure that apps meet customer expectations and operate efficiently and effectively.


Barron Gymnastics’ mobile app has:Barron_app1

  • Elevated the convenience level of doing business with their gym.
  • Supported their place as a leader in innovation.
  • Increased parental delight.
  • Placed their branding on customers’ mobile devices.
  • Proved its value.

Delivering Elevated Services

Barron Gymnastics developed their mobile app with their customers’ experience in mind. The Mobile Inventor team – that is well-acquainted with Jackrabbit – designed a simplified and very user-accommodating process for registration and account management that is conveniently downloaded and used on smartphones.

“We’ve basically put parent portal functionality on their phones – right next to their Facebook and banking apps. We’ve elevated our services for parents and given them conveniences in doing business with us that other children’s facilities aren’t providing.” 

Raising the Bar on Innovation

Establishing of competitive advantage for any business involves two things today: technology and convenience. Today’s parents prefer using their smartphones to maneuver their daily activities so gyms are wise to invest in having a presence there. Mobile Inventor has experience in providing app features that operate and are presented in ways that make them appealing for use. Their additional expertise in integrating Jackrabbit’s features into their apps makes them the perfect partner for gyms and other children’s activity centers.Blog_MobileInventor_Barrons

“We’ve definitely been able to set ourselves above our competitors with our mobile app. It has helped us to enhance our customer service and make our company more diverse. This is definitely technology that others with parent-centric operations should invest in to make their parents happier.”

Seeing is Believing

Mobile Inventor’s apps give you return on investment and you have the statistics to prove it. By using the administrative dashboard statistics to track registrations to their source, you can get a clear indication of how many are generated from your app

“We know that our investment in our mobile app pays off. We track our statistics closely so that we know how to tweak our spending decisions to get the best results. Our average of 100 registration per month from approximately 1000 monthly visitors, lets us know that we’ve done something right for our customers. Mobile Inventor has helped us to make a difference in the gym’s reputation and in the bottom line.”

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