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Jackrabbit’s Flexibility Supports Cheer Gym’s Need to Provide Options

When it comes to working with her families, Rena Blanchard at Impact One Athletics is one of the most accommodating around. She works with families so that money issues don’t keep students from participating in classes or competitions.

Rena sets up flexible due dates because some families need to pay on a weekly or biweekly schedule because of how they are paid. And she breaks down some larger fees for families into smaller chunks so that they can pay them across time.

“If we went by set schedules and due dates, we would have families who would struggle with the financial obligations.” Rena Blanchard, Impact One Athletics

Flexibility without eliminating efficiency.

Jackrabbit offers flexible options and customizations in post fee and payment functions that some software systems don’t offer. When clients have unique situations, Rena has the ability to accommodate their families’ needs without risking the integrity of anyone’s data.

Posting and payment screens don’t lock owners and managers into a single method. If they want to keep things consistent for all families, they can. But if they want to offer options to families, as Impact One does, they can do that too. And what makes it easy is that those customizations can be done directly on the posting or payment screens. It’s as easy as it can be to offer practically endless options for families.

Bottom line figures and report information remain accurate and accounts read correctly – just as if all posting and payment options were consistent. There is no impact to the organization or the parents in the getting the information that clearly shows them where they stand financially.

“It would be easier for me to make everyone pay the same fees at the same time. But that wouldn’t help us serve the community around us. Because of the flexibility and customization capabilities that Jackrabbit offers, we are a better supporter of our families than we would be if we had continued using our previous software. There were no options in the payment features. We would have no choice in helping our customers in that way.”   Rena Blanchard, Impact One Athletics

Why does Rena love Jackrabbit? She shares her perspective with you in this video!

Flexibility opens up options families need.

“We’re in a unique position with a demographic that goes from one end of the spectrum to the other.  We can wiggle things around without jeopardizing our financial position to accommodate their ability to pay. It’s a win-win!” Rena Blanchard, Impact One Athletics

Jackrabbit operates with a similar attitude. By gathering information from its software’s users to identify the new feature suggestions and enhancements that resonate across a critical mass of clients, Jackrabbit can grow the software in the best way to continue to grow the company and to bring value that is of significance to many clients. It’s a win-win that echoes that of its client.

One example of this was the addition of email attachments. The requests for the feature were in and Jackrabbit had improved other things about its emailing feature that enabled the addition of sending attachments to make sense.  Sometimes these enhancements are life-changing for clients like Rena.

“It’s very exciting to see our software help clients do something like Impact One is doing. Using the traits of flexibility and customization that we’ve designed into our software, Impact One is making a difference in their area.” Mark Mahoney, Jackrabbit Technologies

For Impact One Athletics, Jackrabbit is who they want to align themselves with because of:

  • Solid customer service that is accurate and provided within minutes.
  • Consistent dependability and uptime with the software.
  • Trustworthiness in doing what they say they’re going to do.

“I see this business from a parent and owner perspective. Jackrabbit provides the service and the tools for a cheer organization to keep their business as simple as possible and to make business straightforward and easy for parents. I don’t know why a cheer gym would use another software.” Rena Blanchard, Impact One Athletics


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