Jackrabbits automated payment and online registration are becoming game changers

Jackrabbit’s Automation and Online Processes Prove to be Game-Changers for ACE Gadsden


With six growing locations in the ACE family, it was important to standardize their management systems so that performance could be tracked across the entire group. The Zeringue’s were disappointed in their previous system and decided to follow the Atlanta ACE location’s lead in putting Jackrabbit in place.


JR and Kelley immediately noticed how easy it was for their staff to learn the Jackrabbit system. The value to ACE customers shined through with detailed information available at their staff’s fingertips and conveniences of online registration and payment processes.

JR and Kelley also noticed a tremendous time savings for their staff. Before switching to Jackrabbit, the office manager was inundated with scheduling and registering students and booking birthday parties. Now that those processes are automated or provided self-serve online or electronically, the office manager can place priorities on more personal needs of their students and families.

The automated payment process is an example of how Jackrabbit has improved the way ACE Gadsden operates. ACE can immediately collect any payment that hasn’t been received by the 10th of the month. This has practically eliminates the collections process and saves parents who provide a reference credit card a $15 late fee.


Jackrabbit’s automated online and electronic features have enhanced the conveniences that ACE can offer to its customers, streamlined operations, improved cash flow and freed staff to provide a higher level of personal service.

“Jackrabbit’s automated payment and online registration features have probably been the biggest game changers for us. These features totally take time-consuming processes out of our hair and make them available to parents 24/7.”  — JR & Kelley Zeringue, ACE All Stars Gadsden

See what Kelley has to say about Jackrabbit on YouTube.


6 locations, 600 students, 24 instructors

Owners, JR & Kelley Zeringue

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