Jackrabbit Sponsorship Includes Donation to the USASF Young Athlete Scholarship Fund

Jackrabbit takes pride in helping young athletes!

As part of its sponsorship of the USASF (U.S. All Star Federation for Cheer & Dance Teams), Jackrabbit has donated $1000 to the USASF’s Young Athlete Scholarship Fund.

“While sponsorship of the USASF is an important component of Jackrabbit’s marketing efforts, it is critical for us to support young athletes by contributing to resources that help them to continuously improve in their sport and mature as athletes. We’re happy to be a part of this for the 2017 year and look forward to hearing the winner announced at the Regional Conventions,” notes Jackrabbit’s President, Mark Mahoney.

The 2017 Regional Meeting dates are:

  • June 9-10 in Chicago, IL
  • July 14-15 in Baltimore, MD
  • July 21-22 in Orlando, FL
  • July 28-29 in Dallas, TX
  • August 4-5 in Las Vegas, NV

Learn more about the USASF and its scholarship fund.

Learn more about Jackrabbit.

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