Above and beyond registration

Time-Saving Technology Transforms the Way Chicago Swim School Operates

The first swim season Buffy experienced as new owner of the Chicago Swim School was one filled with marathon-type hours of data entry and payment processing due to the lack of a technology support system that included online registration options. That season would be the only one Buffy would experience with no technology in place. Soon after the initial ordeal ended, Chicago Swim School implemented an automated system that offered parents online registration and a portal for opening up access for parents to make payments and manage account information.

“Jackrabbit provides several features and processes that boost the professionalism of our school to our staff and to our parents. We all have greater confidence in the accuracy and the security of the information in the system. And that is a great feeling to have as an owner!” Buffy Folise, Chicago Swim School

ONLINE REGISTRATION SAVES TIMES AND ELIMINATES CHAOS | When you’re enrolling more than 400 student manually time is not the only factor. Chaos ensues when papers fly about, payments process one behind the other, and eyes water from staring into computer screens. And later, as Buffy watched her enrollment soar past 1400, she couldn’t imagine even attempting to enroll students without online tools.

“Online registration changed our entire business. After seeing the reality of its advantages, we knew we could grow our enrollment without having to increase administrative staff. And the parent portal boosted each mom and dad’s confidence in the accuracy and security of our data.” Buffy Folise, Chicago Swim School

ABOVE AND BEYOND REGISTRATION | Online registration and payment options are often the stars of the technology show, but other features drive efficiencies even higher and help staff to break away from their computers. The Weekly View provides access to almost everything relevant to student and family accounts. Point of Sale shortens the schools retail processing time from one week to mere seconds and Time Clock gives staff an avenue for quickly entering work hours at any time from anywhere and those work hours are immediately available for simple and quick payroll processing.

“Online registration and payment are the glitz and glitter of the system but there are so many features in Jackrabbit beyond those that are true work horses for our school. They help our staff to leave the ‘processing business’ to the system and focus on what is most important to our students and families.” Buffy Folise, Chicago Swim School

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 1400 swimmers, 28 instructors, Buffy Folise, Owner


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