Jackrabbit Makes it Easy for Users to Keep on Working While Learning Their New System



1 location, 25+ students, 4+ instructors

Director, Josh Gunsberger


FasTracKids was inexperienced with class management software but knew they needed to use technology to enable growth. Their main concern with learning a new system was impact ramp-up time would have on their ability to keep pace with their daily operational tasks.


As with many new Jackrabbit users, the staff at FasTracKids was excited about the improvements that they would see from the billing and data management features of the system. Staff accessibility to timely, accurate information in Jackrabbit practically eliminates the potential for inefficiency and human error.

FasTracKids’ staff – even those who are not technology savvy – quickly and easily became comfortable with billing and class management features and adept at locating student, family and instructor data.

As facility director, Josh takes advantage of Jackrabbit’s web-based format. He can access the system from anywhere and therefore never feels disconnected from the office, the rest of the staff or the business. It is quite a plus to have the ability to accurately answer parents’ account questions – even if they reach out after office hours or when access from the office computer is not possible.


Jackrabbit’s learning curve is hardly existent because the system is intuitive and easy-to-use. Its anytime, anywhere accessibility keeps staff connected with each other and with real-time business data.

“When we first implemented Jackrabbit, we were excited with the super easy-to-use and -learn nature of the system. We were up a running quite proficiently in no time.”  — Josh Gunsberger, FasTracKids

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