Jackrabbit Gives Owner Reliability and Responsiveness He Needs

Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers                       


2 locations, 900-1000 students, 45 instructors

Owner, Jeff Lulla


Jeff’s relationship with technology began in 1985 when he managed his facility using a program based on Lotus spreadsheets. The program never evolved to be able to support all of his business’s needs. The program also failed to gain Jeff’s confidence due to downtime, unreliability and unresponsive support resources.


Jeff had been looking for a system that would enable him to automate payment processes because they consumed vast blocks of time that his staff could be using to nurture customers.

With Jackrabbit, Jeff’s staff is freed from manual processes of credit card entry. Today Fun & Fit’s entire billing and collection processes – which previously took two entire work days per month – is completed by simply kicking off an automated process.

Communications is another area where Jeff sees Jackrabbit excel for his staff because they can email customers from key areas of the system. The directness of this feature saves his staff time and eliminates the need to switch between systems to communicate.

Being web-based makes Jackrabbit an anywhere, anytime system. When owners combine that level of access with the robust reporting Jackrabbit provides, they can easily keep their fingers on the pulse of business performance.


Jackrabbit has restored Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers’ confidence in technology and in their operations and given them the tools to provide a higher and more personal level of services to their families.

“Jackrabbit’s leadership exemplifies a level of integrity and trustworthiness that shows me they understand how critical I consider technology to be to my business. Their persistence in improving their system illustrates their  understanding of our needs. ” — Jeff Lulla| Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers

See what Jeff says about Jackrabbit on YouTube.

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