Jackrabbit Email Now Includes History and Preview

Two fantastic email enhancements were released recently and we want to make sure that you know about them.

We’ve received rave reviews about releasing these enhancements so make sure you know how to take advantage of them to do what you need to do – better!

“LOVE THE NEW EMAIL FUNCTION!!!! Love that we can see our email history now and the people we’re sending to. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!” Erica Meitz, Bayshore Elite

#1 – An “Email History” button was added to the Family Miscellaneous tab. The Email History page displays 90 days of sent email history, including: Email Families, Family Email, Email Classes, Portal Password Resets, eCommerce receipts, Statements and Email Event. The View Email History button and display will appear as shown in this screen shot.

#2 – The Email Families and Family>Email buttons now have a “Preview”. This allows you to see which families will receive the email and deselect families when you don’t want them to receive the email.

For more details review the email-related information in the Help Console’s How To Guide:

Emailing in Jackrabbit

Emailing Families