Jackrabbit Addresses Worries Users Have About Online Registration

Worry #1: Classes will get overbooked and students will be registered for classes they aren’t ready for.

Jackrabbit’s online registration actually makes it easier to know what is going on with your classes and to control what is offered than paper and in-person registration processes.

  • Everyone can see class availabilities at the same time – and when it is convenient for them.
  • Class availabilities that parents see online are always up-to-date.
  • Parents have control over – and enter – their own information so details are more accurate.
  • You can pick and choose which of your classes you want to expose on your website or in your portal.

“We can offer registration directly from our web pages that update in real time as our classes fill.” Kathleen McCormick – www.gu-nj.com

“Our customer satisfaction rose as online registration gave parents flexibility and freedom in checking class availabilities and making sure that their children got registered in the classes they wanted.” Suzanne Gerety – www.kathyblakedancestudios.com

Worry #2: It undermines the personal attention and relationships developed through face-to-face registrations.

Online registration practically eliminates the data entry and record-keeping tasks for class and family information.

  • Frees up time for more teaching and class planning.
  • Allows you, your instructors and your staff to talk to parents and students and classes and skills instead of payment and scheduling details.
  • Allows you to get to the activities that make a difference in expanding their studios.

“Online registration gives staff time-saving automation. It has been the biggest game changer for us because staff members are freed up to focus on students.” Patti Komara – www.pattisallamerican.com

“The online registration feature was one of the driving forces behind our changing to Jackrabbit. When we implemented online registration, we immediately became 24/7, offering services to parents when they can best take advantage of them and constantly updating them with the information they want and need.”  John Kirk – www.littleotterswim.com

Worry #3: The information that goes into my database will not be complete or correct because I won’t have control over it.

There is no need to re-enter information because parents will initially enter their own details.

  • Parents want control over their data so they can make sure their information is complete. Errors could cause problems with their child’s class.
  • You never have to duplicate data for any reason. Up-to-date data is accessible by all users regardless of where they are when they access the system.
  • You and your staff have access to the data as soon as online registration is completed by parents.

“Online registration results in time-savings for staff and ecstatic parents. Our information is more accurate, we work more efficiently and effectively and our parents are thrilled with the modern online options we offer.” Terilynne Knox – www.davidsondance.com

“The online registration process makes parents ecstatic. Class registration is simple to complete and available day or night. Staff members can pull up Jackrabbit’s dashboard each morning and check the new registrations that took place through the automated process.” Cindy Tonnesen – www.swimkids.us

Worry #4: It will be too complicated for office staff to set up, learn and manage and expensive and time-consuming to get all of our data and staff access to the system.

Jackrabbit’s online registration allows you and your staff to just watch the registrations roll in.

  • The only management that is required is the initial set-up of classes you want to offer online at the beginning of each session.
  • Videos and detailed web-based guides help you set up online registration on your website.
  • Online registration can be customized to make your online class availability exactly as you want it to appear.
  • You can watch your class and enrollment status from your Jackrabbit dashboard.  Your classes can actually fill while you sleep.

“Online registration eliminates headaches for owners and registrants. Jackrabbit allows us to operate in very professional way that has lasting impact on my staff and customers. Online processes, such as registration, turn previously time-consuming tasks into a few simple, click-through steps. We have tracked 10 hours in time savings per week just because of our use of online processes.” Amy Allen – www.turningpointetx.com

“We are able to offer our dance families on-line registration through our website, which helps us eliminate loads of paper (we have gone green!) and countless hours of inputting each dance family’s info.”  Michele Edwards – www.rhythmineffect.com

Worry #5: It will be confusing for parents because they are accustomed to the way we do things now.

Online registration gives parents an option that fits in with the other online processes that they use.

  • Parents are accustomed to using online processes in almost every other part of their lives.
  • Parents love the convenience that online registration offers them.
  • Your classes are easier to offer to your families.
  • You immediately turn your studio into a 24/7 operation.
  • You have a distinct differentiator from your competitors.

“Online registration makes sign-ups easy for customers and for staff. On our first registration day, customers began hitting our site at 6am. By day’s end, we had many happy customers who were totally thrilled that we had implemented such an up-to-date, easy-to-use solution. Using Jackrabbit, we have been able to greatly reduce the time required to complete the entire registration process and we’ve increased data accuracy.”  Shari Longo –www.gotta-dance.net

“Online registration and the portal have made a big difference with parents. They control their own information and their own destinies because we give them the tools to manage their accounts at the best time and from the best place for them. That is a real differentiator!” Kyle Grussmeyer – www.allstarlegacy.com

Worry #6: The extra cost is a hardship and it is difficult to determine exactly what it will be. How do I even know that having the system will be worth the cost?

The benefits of using online registration completely outweigh its cost.

  • Automation of the registration process gives you and your staff back significant hours that no longer are consumed by data entry and process management.
  • More registrations can be taken in a shorter amount of time – with no staff involvement.
  • You will attract new families to your studio with online registration’s conveniences.
  • Your parents’ will be happy with how much easier you are to do business with.

“Online registration is a feature that liberates all parties in the relationship. We have replaced what was once a painstaking, laborious process with automation – no lines, no waiting, no worries that classes listed are filled.” Kyle Grussmeyer – www.allstarlegacy.com

“Online registration drastically reduces time/effort it takes to complete registrations and provides a competitive advantage in an early, easier process. During the registration process alone, Jackrabbit reduced the 144 hour effort that consumed three employees’ time by 50% and the improvement in customer service and parental happiness during the registration process is phenomenal.” Kelly Gaines – www.charlotteaquatics.com

Worry #7: We will be limited to the range of classes that we can offer and to any priority or preference we can offer to existing customers.

Using online registration gives you complete control over what you offer and when and how you offer it.

  • Online registration can be customized to offer all or part of your classes – it is totally your choice.
  • Early registration – along with priorities or preferences – can be offered to existing clients through your customer portal.
  • Choosing when you “turn on” registration to new students is up to you.
  • Registrations can be entered and held for “approval” if you want to screen students for particular classes.
  • You can easily monitor students coming through your online registration so that you can approve their registration or direct them to specific classes.
  • You can even have your own web developers customize the Jackrabbit’s online registration process to build in specific items that you want that we don’t offer.

“Online registration allows your existing customers to receive specials while it allows you to monitor the registrations as they come in. If you see a new client registration come in, you can move them to the end of the line on your end. Jackrabbit is amazing in giving you the option to make your ‘new student registration’ button inactive on your web page until your existing customers have had opportunity to choose their classes.” Brandy Wix – www.ckdanceworks.com

Worry #8: It will make it difficult to offer discounts and special offers.

Online registration is very flexible and allows discounts, special offers and special classes to be applied during the process.

  • Flexible enough to accommodate special class or event registrations.
  • Can be customized to allow many types of discounts to be applied to individuals, groups or all.
  • Registration fields can be customized to capture or provide specialized information.

“Flexibility of Jackrabbit’s online registration allows for unique class or event registration circumstances. Jackrabbit’s system even allows us to address concerns of parents directly within the process with customizable areas for policies and rules.” Lane Clark –www.5starsportsacademy.com

“The change in using Jackrabbit has been so dramatic that in one area in particular – charging miscellaneous fees. We have reduced time to complete the process from 1.5 hours of staff time to a 5 minute process that I do from my iPhone!” Sean Sutton – www.cheerforceone.com

Worry #9: It takes my paper lists – that I’ve very accustomed to – away from me. Will I still be able to check on attendance if I have all of that information in the computer and not on a paper list?

Online registration provides easy online attendance that helps you to improve your processes.

  • Your computer information is current and will remain up-to-date – making it much more accurate and easy to maintain than a paper list.
  • You never need to re-enter information, so there is no chance for introducing errors after roll is taken.
  • Saves you paper (because you’re not printing out lists) – and that also saves you money.
  • Rolls can be printed out – if you really need them – in an easy and attractive format.

“Jackrabbit’s system still allows printing of rolls, which we still do even though we’re completely paperless otherwise. We have a plan in place to replace this process with iPads so instructors can take roll directly in Jackrabbit.” Brandy Wix – www.ckdanceworks.com

“Jackrabbit has streamlined the way we take attendance. Using Jackrabbit on laptops and iPads has been a phenomenal addition to this process. Our instructors and managers love it because it creates more accurate records and allows them to always be real-time! We strive to be a totally paperless facility and Jackrabbit has been a catalyst in bringing us closer and closer to that goal in eliminating the paper attendance process.” John Kirk – www.littleotterswim.com

Worry #10: It will expose all of classes offered and the details about them to competitors. Won’t this be bad for my business?

Online registration exposes your class information in a good way.

  • Keeping your class information a secret only eliminates you as a choice because parents researching classes for their children online can’t see what you offer.
  • Your class details set you apart from your competitors in a good way.
  • Parent wants to see class choices, policies and forms online so not offering it would be a bad thing from their point of view.
  • It gives you a way to quickly and easily offer new things.
  • It makes doing business with your studio easy.

“We don’t think of online registration as giving competitors too much information, but as giving potential customers quicker access to information about our school.” Brandy Wix – www.ckdanceworks.com


About the Author:

After studying graphic design at the University of Georgia, Jill held several positions in media and marketing including Art Director, Editor and Marketing Director. As a student of dance, she has spent plenty of time in children’s activity centers and puts that experience to work for her in the work she does with Jackrabbit. In addition to her interest in dance, Jill also enjoys sports, gourmet cooking, entertaining, singing and spoiling her five grandchildren.

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