Upvotes in the idea portal deliver big.

High votes in the Idea Portal help our Product Team prioritize what you need

Search for Tuesday and Thursday Now Live – Released: March 19, 2019

Jackrabbit’s enhancements have always been focused on our client’s needs. Early on, we encouraged our users to let us know how we can make the software better by sending in ideas. As our user base grew, so did our list of great ideas from users just like you. Organizing and prioritizing these ideas became a challenge for our Product Team to manage.

Last October, the Idea Portal was released and it was the perfect solution! With the ability to easily add your ideas, have insight into what other users are looking for, and vote on existing ideas, our users can make a difference! Our latest enhancement has proven this.

We heard you!
There was a clear need for better filtering of Tuesday and Thursday classes when using List All Classes or List Active Classes. Due to how our filters function, when you search for Tuesday (T) classes, the results include Thursday (Th) classes as well.

With the 2nd highest votes in the Idea Portal, it was a no-brainer to work this one in to our team’s workflow. The recent changes done by our Product Team allow you to filter for classes that meet on Tuesdays (Tu) only.


Did you know you can follow the process?
In addition to being able to see other user’s ideas, you also gain some insight on where ideas are in the process. The Product Team not only monitors the portal for ideas with high votes but also to assign statuses, as needed. Some status updates you may see on ideas include:

  • Already exists
  • Will not implement
  • Planned
  • Shipped

While all ideas can’t be implemented, you have transparency in to what our Product Team is doing. Isn’t this the best idea ever?!?

If you haven’t taken a look yet, click the light bulb icon from inside your database and take a look around the Idea Portal!

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