5 Features to Help You Go Even Greener with Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit has gone green! And we can help you make your organization green too!

Jackrabbit is quite a powerful tool for going green because everything can be accessed or done online. Everything from contacting a few of your folks to all your folks to taking attendance and publishing staff schedules can be done without killing a single tree.

Jackrabbit can save you lots of money (which is also green) and lots of time, but for our focus on environmental green, I’m going to stick with saving paper as Jackrabbit’s biggest “going green” push.

Here are five features that can help you be “greener” than ever before:

Online Registration No more signup sheets. No paper forms. No more printed documentation.
By pointing parents to online forms, you’re totally eliminating the need for anything that has to do with registration to be written down or printed out – even your legalese.

ePayments No more invoices. No more checks. No more deposit slips.
By providing electronic automated methods for payment, you’re replacing slow invoicing and check depositing methods with immediate bank draft and credit card transactions. New clients can even take advantage of our Meet or Beat pricing and get a free month on us when signing up for Jackrabbit with ePayments enabled. Learn more about this offer.

Attendance Tracking No more paper roll sheets.
By pushing tablets or laptops into the classroom or other locations, you’re putting clean technology to work in place of messy and paper gobbling printed attendance sheets.

Staff Schedules No printing and reprinting of schedules for posting.
Using Jackrabbit allows everyone on your staff to log in and see only the information that you want them to see – and this includes their schedules! Any updates to the schedule are live so there is never a question about its accuracy.

Payroll Tracking and Reporting No more time sheets. No more printed reports for your accountant.
With the Time Clock all employees have an electronic platform to entire their own time – even from their smartphones – and totally avoid cumbersome, messy, error-laden paper time sheets. All payroll reports are electronic and can be delivered to your accountant or payroll provider for easy upload into QuickBooks. Learn more about our preferred payroll partner, Express Payroll.

Mass Email No more paper notices to stuff in students’ bags. No more mailings to send parents.
By creating emails in Jackrabbit, you’re giving parents the valuable information about your studio/gym /school in the electronic format that they prefer. You can even email all of your customers an end-of-year statement!

Parent Portal No more printed rules, requirements and policies.
By opening up an electronic window into their account with your studio/gym/school, you’re skipping all the hassles of printed requirements, rules, news, announcements and changes for parents. It’s as easy as providing a link in an email.

By virtue of being an online software system, Jackrabbit truly eliminates the need to make paper part of the equation.


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A couple of innovative Jackrabbit users share how Jackrabbit helps them pursue a paperless facility:

Little Otter Swim School

Because paper is hard to deal with in the aquatics environments, leveraging technology to be paperless is even more critical.

John Kirk at Little Otter Swim School uses laptops and tablets on pool deck to do attendance and skills tracking. If could pull Jackrabbit out to the pool this way, they would have to print out sheets for every shift. (This is also a tremendous time-saver because no one has to enter data anywhere later. It is in the system instantaneously!)

John has really gotten creative with his class listing in Jackrabbit! He has had a bit of custom integration done to display the day’s class schedule on the large flat panel screens that are visible to families as they enter his schools. Parents and kids immediately see where they need to be! No signs are tacked up on boards or taped to the counter. (And fewer parents line up to ask questions of staff!)

Northwest Gymnastics Training Center

Since switching to Jackrabbit, Sharon Bice (a coach at NGTC) is excited to report that their gym has cut down on a lot of paper usage. They used to print two copies of each receipt (one for the client, one for their records) – each taking an entire sheet of paper. Now that Jackrabbit automatically sends email receipts to clients, NGTC is saving mountains of paper and barrels of ink.

Temecula Dance Company

Adam Barret, Temeculah’s director of operations, attributes many of his staff’s best operational improvements to getting rid of old paper processes by using Jackrabbit and notes that the increased confidence in data security that an online platform provides is a huge bonus!

“We are so grateful for the many features offered by Jackrabbit within their secure, web-based platform. These features allow us to stay more organized and accurate, so we can best serve our dance families…all while keeping their personal and billing information more secure than the old paper records.”


Ready to take your business out of the binders and online, instead?

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About the Author:

After studying graphic design at the University of Georgia, Jill held several positions in media and marketing including Art Director, Editor and Marketing Director. As a student of dance, she has spent plenty of time in children’s activity centers and puts that experience to work for her in the work she does with Jackrabbit. In addition to her interest in dance, Jill also enjoys sports, gourmet cooking, entertaining, singing and spoiling her five grandchildren.

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