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Tips from Customer Support: Easier Retention Analysis

The Enrollment Detail Report has been enhanced to allow for easier retention analysis!

Now you can get a report of who was enrolled in a previous session, but who is not enrolled in the current or upcoming session.

Here’s how to set your criteria:
Enrolled in Session: Previous session name
Not Enrolled in Session: Current or Upcoming session name
Instructor: Blank (for program-wide retention analysis. Individual teacher names provide analysis by teacher)
Active Classes Only: No
Current Student Status: Blank (to pull in all students who are not yet enrolled in your new session)
Show Enrollments: All (completed, drops)
Enrollment Through Date: Date in your last sessions enrollment period  (to help eliminate having students on the report who dropped out earlier in the year)Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary: Student Summary

Theresa Case of Piano Central comments:

“The enhancement made to Enrollment Reporting is extremely helpful and will: 1) Save me time and 2) Help me keep an even better pulse on my business. In my opinion, this kind of reporting is another huge plus of using Jackrabbit!”

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