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Customizing Your Jackrabbit Class Schedule Display on Your Website

As a busy studio owner, it can be a time-consuming and tedious task to keep your website up-to-date with all your ongoing class schedules. Luckily Jackrabbit offers a convenient way for you to include your class schedule directly on your website through their Listings HTML codes:


Basic Jackrabbit Integration

If you are a bit tech-savvy and know HTML coding, you can include this line of code on your website and you can tweak the colors and layout to more closely match your web design to produce a listing of your classes similar to this:


By adding this snippet of code to your website, you are allowing your students to easily view all your classes and register online.  And if you have an experienced web developer, you can enhance this information beyond the basic display and customize it even further to display in a unique format that suits your studio’s specific class schedule needs.

Customizing Your Class Schedule

For example, check out how The Dance Warehouse has their class schedule displayed on their studio website:


Notice that the schedule is broken out into days of the week, class time, and even Studio/Room. Because they offer many classes in different studios on different days, the basic alphabetic display provided by the JackRabbit include code made it a bit confusing for students to find the correct class for the correct day and studio.

So by taking the customization to a higher level, they were able to provide a more organized, easy-to-understand calendar-type display for their students and website visitors. This saves them time and money by making online registration easier, and cuts back on the manual registrations at the studio front desk. This frees them up to spend more time on teaching dance and less time on paperwork.

Take Your Studio Website To The Next Level

Your studio website can be an effective business tool to save your studio time and money, and integrating your site with your Jackrabbit online class management software in a manner that specifically makes it easier for your students can be a key contribution to your online studio success.


Betty Walker is a technology consultant that specializes in helping studio owners and small businesses “take it to the web” through custom website development, social media marketing, and innovative online solutions. You can contact Betty at http://www.wiseweblady.com


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