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Costume Guide is Valuable

Why Use a Costume Guide?

Dance Informa’s much anticipated 2014 Recital Costume Guide is out!

Why refer to a guide before making your costume decisions for your recital?

Because the guide can:

  1. Help you select vendors
  2. Get your creative juices flowing
  3. See the full range of costume availability
  4. Get a handle on ordering deadlines
  5. Provide the information you need to establish your seasonal timeframes
  6. Help you set your parents’ expectations
  7. Provide some of the content necessary for your own recital guide

If you don’t use a recital costume guide in your planning process, you’re sure to miss out on new, edgy ideas that can make your recital unique.

Dance Informa’s Recital Costume Guide

This isn’t the only tool you have available to you for making costume planning, selection and ordering easier. Jackrabbit’s Costume and Recital Management gives you a central place to organize each student’s information so that you know exactly who needs what. The module also makes ordering simple by storing vendor size charts and using the data you input in helping you to print order forms. You only have to enter measurements once and you can even auto-size them! Recital organization is a snap because Jackrabbit’s management tools prevent class and student conflicts and track all of the details of your music! Be sure you know everything that is available to you through Jackrabbit for costume and recital management before your deadlines are upon you.

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