Cloud-based System Makes Rollout of Franchises a Good Experience on Both Sides

British Swim School
20 franchisees operating approximately 45 pools
5000-6000 students (7000-8000 seasonally)
100+ instructors (fluctuates with seasonal increases)
Owner, Rita Goldberg


The British Swim School used Links back in the days before franchising when they were a single location with straightforward single entity financial, class, student and family data. The program worked well enough then, but lacked the scalability and web-based platform options that Rita knew the school would need as they grew.


Jackrabbit’s sheer richness of data impressed Rita and Steven, her business manager, as they explored the database potential and the features that the system provides to them. As their system proficiency increased, all employees were able to take advantage of the power and flexibility that the cloud-based platform gave them. As a swim school organization with multiple locations – and now franchises – staff is rarely at their desk. The cloud-based platform gives them the flexibility to use mobile devices to work where ever they need to do their jobs.

Rita found Jackrabbit to be an advantage in the franchise model. Since all franchisees use Jackrabbit, Rita and Steven have visibility into everything franchises do and can easily do things on franchisees’ behalf. The system is vital to franchise success because Rita and Steven can use it to monitor activities, identify developing issues and diffuse them before they impact performance. Franchisees appreciate the accessibility to the powerful yet easy to learn and use Jackrabbit system and get excited about its potential for their operations from the first time they see it.

“Thank goodness that Jackrabbit does what it does because we wouldn’t be able to offer a flexible work environment without it. Jackrabbit has also been able to grow along with us as the franchise model was adopted. It really is a huge advantage in the franchise situation.” — Rita Goldberg | British Swim Schools, Owner

From the initial implementation, British Swim Schools found Jackrabbit to be a great fit. Not only would the system grow with the school as it began its franchising efforts, the support and development teams helped British Swim School address what gave them pain. By making franchise set-up as “templated” as possible, Jackrabbit helped British Swim School to simplify new school launches and make their goals more attainable. With the transparency that Jackrabbit gives corporate and the insight it gives franchise owners, everyone has a roadmap to being successful.

“Jackrabbit has been a great partner – working with us from the beginning to help us with things that cause us pain. We looked at other online class management solutions, but they wouldn’t grow with us. Jackrabbit also gives us information critical to our decision making about our students and instructors like retention and marketing sources that other software couldn’t provide.”

“Jackrabbit can be used in every location and with iPads and tablets on site and at poolside. It is a great time-saver because it makes our entire staff totally mobile. And for franchised swim schools, that is game-changing.”  – Antony White | British Swim School, Downtown Chicago, Skokie


Franchisees are impressed by Jackrabbit as they become acquainted with its features, because of its simplicity – even with all of the powerful functionality it offers. One of the biggest wow factors for the new franchisees is the hands-on approach Jackrabbit takes at the British Swim School User Conference each year.

“Jackrabbit has kept it simple and manages to do so even while adding enhancements and improvements. I don’t have to look around and dig for things. Tabs tell you exactly what you’re trying to do. And the reports are awesome. I have all the information I need without worrying about going to bank information to get details. I have snapshots down to details – like how many students are absent in a week – that help me to know exactly where my business is. And I know how to better spend my money for marketing because my data shows me how students found us when they register. It’s really powerful software for running my business.”

“Being in user conferences with Jackrabbit is extremely useful because you see it right in front of you. You can even log in to your own system and work right along in your own data.” – David Moroney | British Swim School, Oak Forest, Midway and Hoffman Estates, IL

Franchisees are also excited about what the system enables them to do and see. And being part of a franchise gives them resources that help them to become proficient quickly with the help of other franchise users who have experience with the system under their belts.

“The reporting in Jackrabbit allows us to easily provide information needed for our corporate reports. And the Executive Dashboard gives me a synopsis of our key data when I log in. But I practically live in the Weekly View. This page is awesome because no matter what the question I have about students or classes, I can find it immediately from the Weekly View.”

“From a franchisee’s perspective, it was nice to come on board and have a robust system available to us that had been researched and proven to be the best for our franchise needs. It is great to have our own internal ‘user group’ for quick support. This is extremely helpful since we all run the same type of business and do similar things with Jackrabbit.” – Jenifer Rivera | British Swim School, Coral Springs, FL


Jackrabbit’s data-rich system and cloud-based platform enables the British Swim Schools to help franchises avoid mistakes and capture opportunities that improve their performance and support their success.

“Jackrabbit is accessible, user friendly and built around users instead of users having to work around the way the system works. Because Jackrabbit is easy-to-learn, we see offering it as a way we can HELP our franchisees and we can do it and know what we’re doing.” – Steven Waterhouse | British Swim Schools, Corporate Development Consultant

See what British Swim Schools has to say about Jackrabbit in  two YouTube videos. Video 1/Video 2

Photo Credit: British Swim Schools

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