A Checklist from One of the Best

Patti Komara is a bundle of energy. She’s also one of the most organized and effective children’s activity center owners. Wouldn’t it be great to know what she’s thinking about now?

Well, we know (because Patti told us).

Here is Patti’s checklist of things that you should have completed or what you should be working on now:

  1. All summer camps should be set.
  2. Staff for summer should be set.
  3. Marketing strategy should be completed for all summer classes and events.
  4. You should have taken a critical look around your gym to notice any needed repairs and updates – and give the order for that work to be done now.
  5. Your designs for or purchases of new programs for Fall should be complete – the more types of classes you offer, the more income you can make.

Not only does Patti Komara have a very successful gym in Dyer, Indiana – Patti’s All American – she also owns Tumblebear Connection. She’s a genius at business, teaching and motivation.

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