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Check Your Software Use Efficiency

What are the top ten items that can help you understand how well you’re leveraging Jackrabbit?

We’ve shared them here – along with links to videos that you can use to review these features whenever you’d like.

Please check your use of Jackrabbit against our list. If you’re not doing these things, please let us know by clicking the support button or emailing us so we can help you get the most from your software investment.

Use Efficiency Checklist

  1. Online Registration – A feature that transforms enrollment
  2. Mass Post Payments – From hours to minutes – Process ALL credit card payments at once in just minutes
  3. Mass Post Tuition Fees – Never post one-at-a-time again
  4. Record Revenue (and track revenue) – For better decision-making data
  5. Point of Sale (Store) – Convenience and time-savings for one-off transactions and payments
  6. Time Clock – Streamline and automate employee hours
  7. Paid Fees Summary Report – A complete understanding of your revenue figures in 1 report
  8. Archive Classes – Clear out database clutter and maintain historical enrollment reporting
  9. Mass Email – Email all as quickly as emailing one
  10. Inactive Students– Don’t pay for students who aren’t active (Lead File, Archive Classes)

So why is your use of these features critical to your efficiency?

Let’s just take a peek at the most obvious benefits of these features.

Online registration and time clock are absolute time savers – taking almost all of the tasks around enrollment and management out of your hands and placing them into in the hands of parents or employees.

Time Clock is also quite a money saver if you’ve been using separate time tracking software because you can get rid of that “other” software and use Jackrabbit’s Time Clock for free.  Your information is also more accurate because no re-keying is required.

Doing mass tuition posting and payment processing saves tremendous amounts of time because it turns previous one-at-a-time activities into one-click wonders. We’ve heard from clients who have transformed 3 hour processes into a 3 minute process.

If you’re not recording payments in Jackrabbit, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful of the software’s capabilities – Financial Reporting.  There is so much valuable data that is at your fingertips via Jackrabbit’s reports…

In mere seconds you can answer questions like:

  • How much am I still owed after tuition has been collected?
  • Which classes generate the most revenue?
  • Which site is the most profitable?

Decisions can be made with more confidence when you have the knowledge that financial reporting can provide.

Point of Sale (or the Store) is a big convenience for managing your facility for-sale merchandise – from shirts to drinks to books. But Point of Sale can also be used for one-off events – like open gym days or parent’s night outs. Some users get very creative with this great feature – using it to enter one-time payments – such as insurance claim payments – that are not associated with a family but need to be included in Jackrabbit’s financial reports. Using Point of Sale for these one-offs and for merchandise saves time since entering them differs so much from charging class tuition.

If you’ve not used the Paid Fees Summary Report you may not have a complete view of your revenue numbers. This summary report is critical data for you and gives you the best information to base business decisions from.

Archiving classes is another very basic function that helps you to keep your database “cleaned up.” Past classes create clutter when not archived and can even cost you more in Jackrabbit fees because active students cannot be sent to the Lead File.

Mass email is an important tool for you because it gives you a powerful way to reach out to customers quickly and easily.  You can send emails to all or to groups or classes as quickly as if you were sending one email. You get professionally formatted and delivered information to the right at the right times. We’ve built amazing templates into our mass email feature so you can make your emails appealing in a snap – without web development help. You can also attach files of any type to your emails using our DropBox Attachment option. Easy. Professional. Efficient.

If a large percentage of your students are inactive, you may be paying more than you need to pay for your software. It may be time to move longtime inactives to the lead file or to remove them from your system (potentially lowering your monthly Jackrabbit charges).  You may also have a unique enrollment situation – like extreme seasonality – that may be causing your student count to be higher than it needs to be.

More Value Awaits

You can see that the value you gain from these top ten features can make transformational differences in your business operations. And these features represent the tip of the Jackrabbit iceberg! There is so much more under the surface! Our Jackrabbit support experts are happy to help you identify the areas of your software that you’re missing out on. Request a Software Utilization Review to discover unrealized value.

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