System Flexibility Allows Dance Davidson to Offer Unique Pricing Structure

In a recent visit to the Dance Davidson studio, Terilynne Knox revealed to Jackrabbit how the system’s flexibility had given her the ability to make classes more affordable for families with multiple students. Terilynne’s pricing structure is so unique that no class management systems have an option that fits. Lucky for Terilynne, she uses Jackrabbit. Jackrabbit […]

No Geographic Boundaries for Software

Gerhard Ferreira, Managing Director of Centurion Gymnastics Club, isn’t unique because he was challenged with finding a better way to organize his classes. He isn’t unique because he was initially skeptical about a web-based business management solution. These traits are actually common among new users of web-based software. What does make Gerhard unique as a Jackrabbit client […]

Jackrabbit offers the following Editions:  – Class Management – includes all features from all editions, except EZCare Online     – Child Care Center Management – Check in/out, Immunization tracking & more  – Camp Management for Summer/Year round camps  – Cheer Gyms – Class Management for Cheer gyms  – Dance Studios – includes the Recital module     – Martial Arts Schools – includes […]