Speak Language That Children Understand

You can make your students’ learning experiences even better if you remember how important the language you use with them is in their ability to understand you. Remember that adults using lots of expressions, comparisons and slang terms that children may not understand. It can – in fact – be very confusing to them and […]

How To Deal With Annoying Parents

Parents – doing a good job of managing all of their needs – and personalities – is important because your business depends on them. In your line of work, there is no way to avoid interaction with parents. They are the ones paying for the service you’re providing to their child. Hopefully, you’ll have more […]

10 Features You Should Be Using

Time always seems to be hard to find, especially when you own a business. We understand your busy lifestyle and are here to help. This is a list of the top 10 features you should be using in Jackrabbit for your class management. These features will help save you time and streamline your business operations. […]

How To Stay Out Of The SPAM Folder

Email marketing is all the rage these days. It’s the cheapest and fastest way to get information to your customers and prospects. Say you have a birthday party and 20 children come that haven’t taken a class at your facility before. Since they came to the party, you have their email address and can send […]