How to Healthily Motivate Students

The culture of your business is important. It’s what people talk about – and word of mouth is still an impactful advertising [positive or negative]. Having a healthy motivational atmosphere can affect performance effort of your students but can also impact their long term participation in the activity. What if a student came in and was […]

Dealing with Increased Swim Class Size

There is always in an increase in numbers at the beginning of the season and that means classes must accommodate more students. These increases change the dynamics of classes and make your job a little more challenging.  Especially since you’re trying to ensure that everyone is receiving equal attention and maximum practice time during lessons. […]

Offering Parent-Infant Classes is Big Plus for Swim Schools

Parent-infant swim classes are all about helping parents to enjoy the water safely with their infants or young children and to enlighten them about basic water safety and self-help skills around the water. These classes need to emphasize water adjustment, preparatory activities for swimming, fun and enjoyment. Both parents and infants benefit from these classes. […]

Watch, Entertain and Move

Okay, so right now you are probably trying to figure out what in the world we are talking about.  Well, here is the explanation that goes along with the above slogan! My husband Scott and I were talking about ways to improve our instructor’s teaching and about how we teach.  We have been doing a […]