Clever Way To Capture Waivers Online For Birthday Parties

Setting up Events in Jackrabbit to organize your birthday parties is a powerful tool. With the Events module, you can capture the family’s information, payment, party details and information about those attending each birthday party all in one place. If you haven’t used Events for birthday parties before, click here for more information. But wait, […]

Goal Setting Story

Deanna Lewis has a great idea to share. It was her first year teaching full time, and she wanted to do something different and impactful for her students. Each of her students wrote a personal goal at the beginning of every month for each of their classes. She found they were really attentive and driven, because […]

Learning to Dive

Learning to dive can be challenging for many kids because it requires head-first entry into the pool. And that is at least intimidating and sometimes frightening for new swimmers. Diving is fun, effective and exhilarating and can be mastered with just a little practice. The most important thing is to learn to dive safely. The […]

Bad Weather and Swimming

I have fond memories of endless hours of swimming and playing in the spring-fed swimming pool that my grandfather built. I also remember the disappointment I felt when we were forced from the pool by our supervising adults after they had heard a clap of thunder. This isn’t surprising behavior. Most of us probably remember […]