Tips for Handling Angry Parents

An angry parent can appear in front of you without warning. Regardless of what else you are handling at the moment, you must deal with this frustrating and nerve-racking situation because your angry parent wants immediate answers. It doesn’t matter how off base you think they are. It’s irrelevant if you think their behavior is […]

Building Trust in Swimming Lessons

Building trust is an integral part of the “learn to swim” process. The best instructors are those who are aware of the importance of building a trusting relationship with the students and parents. Parents are the ones who put their faith in your school to provide their children with a fun and safe learning experience […]

Patience Wins with Cautious Babies

Unfortunately, all babies are not comfortable in the water. Some are very cautious about everything around them, frightened of new situations or strangers or extremely uncomfortable with water on their faces. This may be true when the parents also have these traits. When parents relax about such things, they transfer calmness to their babies. In […]

A Safe Haven For Teens

As a gym owner, you have kids coming in and out of your gym of all ages. You have a very unique perspective on these kids’ lives. The culture of your business starts with the owner and staff. How you treat each other and the children can help or hurt your reputation quickly. While visiting […]

Swimming Lessons Should be Joyful – Not Tearful

Believe it or not, crying doesn’t have to be a part of swimming lessons. Learning to swim can (and hopefully does) turn out to be a positive experience for children. There are both aggressive and gentle swimming programs out there so before enrolling your children, make sure that you’ve chosen the type program that will […]

When Is a Baby Really Swimming?

There was a lengthy debate at the National Aquatic Summit several years ago on the true definition of swimming. Swimming is the ability to move through the water harmoniously on one’s own accord. This can take place in stages, first moving through the water for short distances using kicking as a primary mode of propulsion. […]

Using Rings in Swimming Lessons

A good way to use rings during swim lessons is to incrementally place the rings deeper and deeper during the lesson. Suggest that the student grab the ring with one hand while using their other hand to hold onto you for balance. This exercise can help build the young swimmer’s confidence in going deeper or […]