Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day! We are celebrating with Little Otter Swim School and Miller Street Dance Academy. What is Red Nose Day?   Through the power of entertainment, we raise awareness and money to help kids who need us most at home and around the world. Red Nose Day is on a mission to […]

Bad Weather and Swimming

I have fond memories of endless hours of swimming and playing in the spring-fed swimming pool that my grandfather built. I also remember the disappointment I felt when we were forced from the pool by our supervising adults after they had heard a clap of thunder. This isn’t surprising behavior. Most of us probably remember […]

Effectively Praising Kids

Praise is a way that adults can use to tell children that they are headed in the right direction – that what they are doing has the potential to earn them success. You can find differing theories and opinions on praise in the news. More general news sources have been known to focus on what […]

Preparing for Summer

School’s out for summer! This is a big hype for children and teachers. Are you excited? Feel like you haven’t had time to get ready for this season? We’ve collected a few ideas to think about. How are you offering classes or camps this summer? The beauty of being a small business owner is the ability […]