Split Tax Tuition and Registration Fees

Your Tools>Edit Settings’ “Tax Tuition and Registration Fees” is now two separate settings called “Tax Tuition Fees” and “Tax Registration Fees.” These can now be set differently if your state requires one to be taxed but not the other. Web registration, quick registration and enrolling within Jackrabbit also have these have all been updated to […]

Merge Families

You can now merge families without having to contact the Support Team! There is a new user permission called “Merge Families/Accounts” which was defaulted ‘off’ for all users.     Once a user has the permission, the new option will appear in the Families menu.   It is very important to select the correct families […]

Closed Dates Can Be Set from Tools Section

With the appropriate permission users can now set closed dates in the Tools section. There is a new user permission (in Tools) called Closed Dates. Existing userids: Permission checked for users with the Edit Settings permission checked, unchecked if their Edit Settings is unchecked New trials first userid: Permission is checked New userids created after […]