How to Increase Enrollment for Your Swim School

Once upon a time, Buffy Folise used a paper process to enroll students at Chicago Swim School. Enrollment topped out at 400 so this was difficult. Actually it was complete chaos. Papers were flying everywhere and credit cards were being manually processed one after the other in a monotonous progression. Buffy’s partner Rob looked at […]

Jackrabbit’s Commitment to Improvement

Software that isn’t continuously improved is stagnant. Jackrabbit’s software is dynamic. Groups of enhancements are released each week, not simply each month, not simply each quarter and most certainly not simply in a yearly new release. Why? Customers’ needs change as the demands of their business and their organizations’ families change and grow. Our improvement […]

ePayments Provides a Complete Culture Change for Dance Davidson

The thought of changing the way Dance Davidson collected payments was a little scary for Office Manager, Catherine Hahne. Jackrabbit understands that. Collecting money is the process that everything else in your business depends on. And even imagining that you can turn that into basically a 1-step processes is pretty unbelievable when you’re accustomed to […]