Inclement Weather Policies

Winter months bring snow. Summer months bring hurricanes. Each season has expected inclement weather. The timing is not expected and can be difficult to run classes during that time. So, how do you get in contact with your students in these times? Do phone calls still work or is there a more time efficient way to get […]

Facebook Groups – Connecting with Staff

As a studio or school owner, keeping in touch with your staff is very important. Good communication helps to build a great company culture and teamwork. Consistency within your employees is very important. Your staff will have to communicate with you, other staff members, students, and parents on a daily basis. Facebook is a great […]

4 Must-Dos on Facebook

Facebook. Everybody is on it, but everybody is not using it effectively. Make sure that you can check off every item on this list to ensure that you are getting as much traffic to your Facebook page as possible. What do you companies do with a Facebook page? Well, sharing pictures, posting updates, polling your fans, and adding milestones […]