Technology Can Transform Gyms

Implementing management technology can be intimidating. But when change can inspire transformation, isn’t it worth a little anxiousness? Owners – who initially feel they’re taking a tremendous leap of faith – soon understand that automating processes and offering online, self-serve options can completely transform the way their gyms operate. Business management systems automate tasks that […]

How To Stay Out Of The SPAM Folder

Email marketing is all the rage these days. It’s the cheapest and fastest way to get information to your customers and prospects. Say you have a birthday party and 20 children come that haven’t taken a class at your facility before. Since they came to the party, you have their email address and can send […]

Instagram Update: Edit Your Captions

Instagram released a new update today – and it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. You can now edit the caption of your photo instead of deleting and reposting the photo. In the world of social media, time is everything. Going back and reposting your really awesome picture means choosing a filter, adding a location, tagging […]

Athletes & Social Media

  As athletes grow into their talents, they may be in the public eye more than they realize. It’s smart to proactively think about the impact social media can have on their personal and athletic lives. There can be pressure on athletes to use social media during their events. While it is great to entertain […]

It’s A Win-Win! Share Your Experience

Share how Jackrabbit has helped with your fall registration for a chance to win a Microsoft Surface for your business.  Customer delight is one of Jackrabbit’s company values. What makes our company what it is today are our core values and beliefs that are adhered to by one and all in our organization. Our customers […]

8 Reasons Email Marketing Is Important

  Hundreds of billions of emails are sent out every single day. Using this form of communication in the technology driven world we live in is vital. Here are 8 reasons you should be using email marketing for your business. 1. Affordable Dare I say cheap? Well, maybe it isn’t “cheap” but is sure is […]