Protecting Your Center’s Children: Policy and Child Abuse Prevention

As a provider of sports programming for youth, your organization can play a critical role in protecting the lives of young athletes. You can help put an end to child sexual abuse by implementing a comprehensive child protection program and training your coaching staff and volunteers. Ask any organization that has experienced a case of […]

Helping Students Who Suffer from Migraines

If you’ve never had a migraine, you probably don’t realize how different it is from a headache. You can offer tremendous help to a student suffering from this condition if you have a little information about migraines and understand how they work. Migraines are a neurological disease, with head pain and associated symptoms, such as […]

What’s So Hot About Bone Broth?

Here in the US, we’re finally picking up on something that has been a considered a great healer in many cultures for years: bone broth. We even have the “Starbucks” of bone broth that has opened in New York called Brodo. Brodo’s owner, Marco Canora, native South American notes that some cultures in his home […]