Merge Families

You can now merge families without having to contact the Support Team! There is a new user permission called “Merge Families/Accounts” which was defaulted ‘off’ for all users.     Once a user has the permission, the new option will appear in the Families menu.   It is very important to select the correct families […]

Closed Dates Can Be Set from Tools Section

With the appropriate permission users can now set closed dates in the Tools section. There is a new user permission (in Tools) called Closed Dates. Existing userids: Permission checked for users with the Edit Settings permission checked, unchecked if their Edit Settings is unchecked New trials first userid: Permission is checked New userids created after […]

Email/Text Families and Email Student Schedules Get New Look and New Option

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all need to have our look freshened a little! That’s exactly what we did with Email/Text Families and Email Student Schedules! These “fresheners” don’t really “change” how anything works but they sure do give the pages an updated and cleaner appearance! A fresh look is exactly […]

Sessions Drop-down Lists Additions Are Preliminary Steps to Prorating Tuition

We made some additions to the Sessions Drop-down Lists that create a little excitement on their own, but what they are leading up to is really exciting! Adding Start, End and Registration Dates to the Sessions Drop-down Lists are preliminary steps for adding prorating tuition! These new fields may be new but they are not required […]