Automatically Applied Prorating & Discounting for New Registrations and New Enrollments will Arrive Soon!

You know how you’ve had to manually post discounts and prorate tuition for your new registrations and enrollments? Those cumbersome manual processes will soon be a thing of the past because they will be replaced with quick, automatically applied prorating and discounting for your Online Web registrations and Parent Portal enrollments. We’re very excited about […]

The Staff Portal Gets Auto-Logout Warning

No one likes it when a work session ends before you’ve finished your work. A recent enhancement to the Staff Portal helps you avoid interruptions to your work. A new auto-logout warning alerts Staff Portal users that they will soon be logged out and gives them the opportunity to continue their session. This eliminates the […]

Reports Add Easy Email Option

Several popular reports now make it easy to send email directly from the reports themselves. Once you run the report, a column is included where you can select individual families for sending email and then click the email button at the top left to send. A convenient Email All option allows you to send an […]