Jackrabbit Helps Clients with Business Management & Growth Over the Long Haul

North Raleigh Gymnastics  www.tumblewithus.com 1 location, 1400 students, 47 instructors Owners, Scott and Rachel Davis THE CHALLENGE In 2004, as NRG’s needs grew beyond the capabilities of the system that he had written, Scott brought the idea of building a system for tracking child and family data to Jackrabbit CoFounder Mark Mahoney – even offering […]

Jackrabbit Provides Owners with Powerful Tools that Offer Distinct Benefits to Parents and Staff Members

Gymnastics Unlimited New Jersey                        www.gu-nj.com 1 location, 450 students, 30 instructors Owner, Kathleen McCormick THE CHALLENGE Kathleen was in search of an online solution for managing her gym. She had used several popular systems in the past but found that none provided the features, flexibility and robustness that she needed to handle her day-to-day operations […]

Jackrabbit Gives Owner Reliability and Responsiveness He Needs

Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers                        www.funandfit.com 2 locations, 900-1000 students, 45 instructors Owner, Jeff Lulla THE CHALLENGE Jeff’s relationship with technology began in 1985 when he managed his facility using a program based on Lotus spreadsheets. The program never evolved to be able to support all of his business’s needs. The program also failed to […]

Patti’s All American Uses Jackrabbit to Give Families the Information They Want 24/7

www.pattisallamerican.com 1 location, 1541 students, 29 instructors Owner, Patti Komara THE CHALLENGE Patti’s business had outgrown its existing system and now required robust online features. She wanted the benefits of working from a “live” database and the ability to offer families the convenience of online registration. Over all, Patti needed a web-based system that offloads […]

Jackrabbit is Catalyst for Productivity and Growth for Bart Conner Gymnastics

www.bartconnergymnastics.com 1 location, 1200 students, 25 instructors Director, Ben Fox THE CHALLENGE Ben wanted a system for Bart Conner Gymnastics that wouldn’t require constant upgrade purchases and retraining and the convenience of web access. He just didn’t want to jump through hoops to make a change. He imagined a complex, painful migration process where data […]

Jackrabbit’s User-Friendly System Provides Owners and Staff with Good Data for Being More Efficient

Buckeye Gymnastics   www.buckeyegymnastics.com 3 locations, 2500-3000 students, 60 instructors Owner, Cathy Siedlak THE CHALLENGE Buckeye Gymnastics had outgrown their custom-written class management program so their changeover to another system required that they find a full-featured, online system with robust financials. With growth in student volume as well as location expansion in mind, Buckeye needed a […]

Jackrabbit Provides Owner Anywhere, Anytime Access to his Business Information

Gymstars Gymnastics   www.gymstars.com 1 location, 1009 students, 85 instructors President & CEO, Bob Tanon THE CHALLENGE Bob needed to replace his PC-based product with a web-based class management solution so he would have better access to his information. Bob saw what he wanted in Jackrabbit but was skeptical of the data import process from his […]

Jackrabbit Renews Rainbow Gymnastics’ Confidence in the Technology That Supports its Operations

www.rainbow-gymnastics.com 1 location, 635 students, 35 instructors Owner, Michael Little THE CHALLENGE Rainbow Gymnastics was searching for a new software system because they couldn’t depend on the performance of their existing one.  The staff couldn’t be effective in completing their daily operational tasks without a system that they had confidence in. Michael’s sticking point was […]

American Twisters Search for Robust and Reliable Ends with Jackrabbit

American Twisters Gymnastics www.twistergymnastics.com 2 locations, 1500 students, 56 instructors Owner, Randy Sikora THE CHALLENGE American Twisters Gymnastics was having speed and functionality issues with their previous class management software that were consistent and significant enough to impact the level of services that Randy felt his staff could provide. This was his signal to seek […]