Why You Should Have a Mission Statement

A mission statement defined is this: a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. Unfortunately, most mission statements for businesses like yours are just meaningless hype. They could be describing any business in your industry. Those whose mission statements are like this really don’t understand what a mission statement’s […]

Advice from Seasoned Multi-Location Owners

Are you thinking of opening another location? There are more challenges than you can name in accomplishing this feat. From contracting negotiations, to hiring, to financial organization, to simply keeping up with another entire group of students, multiple locations can escalate activities and responsibilities. The best way to approach expansion is with knowledge. And knowledge […]

Jackrabbit Sponsorship Includes Donation to the USASF Young Athlete Scholarship Fund

Jackrabbit takes pride in helping young athletes! As part of its sponsorship of the USASF (U.S. All Star Federation for Cheer & Dance Teams), Jackrabbit has donated $1000 to the USASF’s Young Athlete Scholarship Fund. “While sponsorship of the USASF is an important component of Jackrabbit’s marketing efforts, it is critical for us to support […]

A Checklist from One of the Best

Patti Komara is a bundle of energy. She’s also one of the most organized and effective children’s activity center owners. Wouldn’t it be great to know what she’s thinking about now? Well, we know (because Patti told us). Here is Patti’s checklist of things that you should have completed or what you should be working […]