Biz Tips: An Incredible Resource To Help You Be More Productive In Your School

Half the problem with running a studio is that you’re juggling so many things at the same time. You’ve got students coming in and looking to you for the most amazing lessons, creativity and innovation. Then you’ve got parents coming in and wanting your advice and guidance. You also have teachers who are looking to […]

When Parents Can’t Swim

It’s a fact that a Red Cross survey produced results showing that somewhere around 61% of the children in the US cannot swim. It’s also been revealed by a national research study by the USA Swimming Foundation and the University of Memphis that a non-swimming parent only sees that his child learns to swim 13% […]

Top Reasons to Take Payments Online

ePayments and eCommerce may be new words to you. They can be intimidating, confusing, or something you don’t have time to figure out. Many of Jackrabbit’s customers have switched to taking online payments despite the obstacles and fears they’ve faced. You aren’t alone if the thought of taking payments from your customers online is frightening! And […]

How to Healthily Motivate Students

The culture of your business is important. It’s what people talk about – and word of mouth is still an impactful advertising [positive or negative]. Having a healthy motivational atmosphere can affect performance effort of your students but can also impact their long term participation in the activity. What if a student came in and was […]

Beat Stress With Swimming

We put amazing stress on ourselves every day. Packing our days with as much as we possibly can and feeling inadequate when we can’t get it all accomplished. This stress doesn’t emerge just in the adults in the equation but also unleashes itself on children. How do you stop it? Or at least give yourself […]