How to make it easier for you to bring your team together.

Biz Tips: How To Make It Easier For You To Bring Your Team Together

One of the challenges which studio owners can face is bringing the entire team together.

Everyone is always busy, and they may have other plans.

It tears your hair out trying to just get everyone all together.

I know how frustrating that is. So I want to share with you an idea about how it could become much easier to give your team the chance to be together with you.


TIP 1:  Virtual Team Training Using Google Hangouts.

The great thing about doing your team training virtually using a Google Hangout is that people can do it wherever they are.

They can be in their own home. They can be with their kids. They can even dial up on their phone. But they can still access the content which you want to share with them. Using a Google Hangout makes it much more accessible.

It’s also free, so you’ve got to love that.


Regular Virtual Team Meetings

The good thing about doing team trainings via Google Hangouts is that you can establish regular virtual team meetings, which is not as much of a commitment as trying to get them all together in one physical location.

I would recommend using this at least once a month.

Set a regular schedule – maybe it’s every Tuesday night at 8:30 PM, when you hold a half an hour virtual team training session. Everyone logs in, and you all discuss one core concept that you want to really focus on delivering in the studio.

Maybe it’s a retention concept. Maybe it’s how we’re up-leveling the artistry in the studio.


Quarterly In-Person Retreats

After establishing the schedule of virtual meetings, then every quarter make certain to still come together for an in-person retreat.

It’s really important to have that in-person time as well, where you’re getting everyone in the team together on the same page. This time of togetherness is incredibly uplifting for the whole studio.

The tricky thing about team training is that everyone is doing different things. Everyone is super busy.

How do we make it sustainable for us to be consistent in getting that message across?


TIP 2: Private Facebook Group for Your Teachers.

This is a private secret Facebook discussion group which no one else can access but strictly your teachers and yourself.

Here is a place where you can communicate and advise your teachers about what you want them to focus on.

Because everyone is on Facebook normally, it’s a really accessible way.

You’re not relying on your staff to read their emails. You’re not expecting them to download anything. It’s all in Facebook and all in one spot, and that makes it super convenient.


TIP 3: Meet Edgar.

Check out this video which shares how to use Meet Edgar: SCHEDULE YOUR STUDIO’S SOCIAL MEDIA >>

Meet Edgar has a really cool feature which allows you to post in two groups. So typically I would sit down at the beginning of the year, and I would write 52 things I want to focus on with my team over the entire year.

This list of 52 things may contain retention elements, or artistry, or building confidence in our students, and much more. Lots of different little tricks.

Then you can actually schedule your posts in advance for all 52 weeks of the year so you don’t have to remember to post reminders or instructions to your staff every single week.

It’s already done. You sit down. You schedule it all once, and that tool automatically populates into your private Facebook group every single week of the year.

The benefit of using these little tricks is that it’s going to make your team come together much more cohesively.

They’re going to feel like they are a meaningful part of something. They’re going to feel more motivated when they come into the class.

If we constantly give them little bits of information, feeding little bursts of passion, they’re going to come to the classroom and perform at their best.

In turn, that’s going to give your students the best possible experience, and that is what we are here for at the end of the day.

So my questions for you are as follows:

How often do you get together with your team in order to discuss things about the studio?

Do you get together on a monthly basis, a quarterly basis, or an annual basis?

If so, what is working for you?

What do your team members like?

How does your team like to interact with the studio?

Tell us in the comments below!

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