Automatically Applied Prorating & Discounting for New Registrations and New Enrollments will Arrive Soon!

You know how you’ve had to manually post discounts and prorate tuition for your new registrations and enrollments? Those cumbersome manual processes will soon be a thing of the past because they will be replaced with quick, automatically applied prorating and discounting for your Online Web registrations and Parent Portal enrollments.

We’re very excited about this because as this functionality is something you’ve asked (and asked) for!

You will see more information along the way, so please be patient with us a little longer while we perfect it for you!

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re working on:

Please be aware of what this enhancement doesn’t include.

The tweaks to automated prorating and discounting will not:

  • Allow for automatic payment processing through online registration.  Payments will still have to be applied after the registration has processed.  The credit card or bank account is not automatically charged.
  • Address registration fees automatically being posted in the Parent Portal.  This functionality only for NEW customer registrations.
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