A woman is posting tuition fees using Jackrabbit Class.

Roll-out of Automatically Applied Prorating & Discounting Begins!

Roll-out of Powerful Feature Takes Place in Stages

Your processes for posting discounts and prorating tuition are changing from cumbersome manual processes to amazing automatic ones!

It’s true! You no longer have to manually post discounts and prorate tuition for a few specific areas of Jackrabbit!

We’re thrilled to have this automation because we wanted to provide this for you and because you have been asking for it!

Our priority is to provide prorating and discounting capabilities to as many of you as possible – as quickly as possible. For that reason, we’re rolling the feature out in some areas now – and in others a little later.

For clarity, the places that you will be able to use automatically applied prorating and discounting when it rolls out to you are:

  • Online Web Registration
  • New Post Tuition Fees page

And the places that do not yet have discounting and prorating are:

  • Parent Portal
  • Quick Registration
  • All Enroll links/buttons inside the Jackrabbit application

There is some detailed functionality that this enhancement doesn’t include.

  • Allow for automatic payment processing through online registration.  Payments will still have to be applied after the registration has processed.  The credit card or bank account is not automatically charged.
  • Address registration fees automatically being posted in the Parent Portal.  This functionality only for NEW customer registrations.


Here’s a snapshot of the settings page:

You’ll see updates to this initial release as soon as we have the additions ready.

It’s so exciting that this huge enhancement is becoming reality! Please let us know how you like it.

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