7 Ways the use of Management Software can Enhance Student Safety

swim students smiling in the pool

Keeping students safe at your swim school, gym, or dance studio is the most important thing you can do. When parents know their child can join a weekly class where they have fun while being safe, it’s a no-brainer for parents to register them for classes at your youth activity center. Chances are, you have […]

7 Methods for Getting Customer Feedback at Your Youth Activity Business

circle facial expressions with pointer finger

Investing in our future generations through youth activities is one of the most special callings. Aside from financial rewards, the personal gains from watching the next generation grow and learn and having a part in shaping them cannot be understated.  But, how can you be sure the impact you’re trying to create is, in fact, […]

How to Make Your Swim Classes Inclusive for All Ability Levels

Swim Class Inclusivity

Swim instructors have unique jobs and are tasked with teaching both life-saving skills and a hobby that many people enjoy throughout childhood into adulthood. With varying ages, backgrounds, and abilities, inclusion in the pool is an important part of teaching swimming. By providing an inclusive experience, you are more likely to provide positive experiences for […]

5 Steps to Take Now to Get Ahead of Fall Scheduling

5 steps to take to get ahead of fall scheduling

The official start of summer can bring many new opportunities to your youth activity center. One that can be tough to focus on immediately is the prep work your gym, swim school, or dance studio needs to do now to get ahead of fall scheduling.  Use the five steps in this article to ensure your […]

Top Metrics Your Swim School Should Be Measuring

Top Metrics Your Swim School Should be Measuring

The unknowns and the ‘what-ifs’ can be a scary thing for a business owner. When owning your own swim school and trying to plan for the ups and downs of business, sometimes the unknowns can be the most challenging part of management. Should I get rid of this class until the Fall since enrollment is […]

How Academy 831 Uses Jackrabbit Integrations to Supercharge Business

Integration partner case study

Krista Casey founded Academy 831 in Brea, California in 2015 after taking eight years off from owning her first dance studio. With her children being older, she and her husband knew it was the right time and the right opportunity to own a studio once again. Between owning the two studios, Krista taught yoga and […]

Introducing: The 2023 Youth Activities Industry Benchmark Report

youth activities industry benchmark report

Business owners in the swim, gymnastics, cheer, and music industries often wonder how they’re doing compared to the competition. Sometimes it’s hard to collect quantitative data that allows you to benchmark your business and instead you may just make guesses.  The team at Jackrabbit Class has spent the last few weeks sifting through 4 years […]

The Top 7 Benefits of Music Classes for Preschoolers

Top 7 Benefits of Music Classes for Preschoolers

Some say that music is the first language we understand. From an early age, children usually have a strong response to any music you play for them, but the benefits of involving your little ones in music classes can extend far beyond watching them light up and move to the beat. Music classes are an […]

How To Manage Time Off At Your Youth Activity Center

How to Manage Time Off At Your Youth Activity Center

With Spring time comes Spring Break, the Summer months bring family vacations, and Fall and Winter holidays follow. During this time, you prepare for an influx of PTO requests from your staff members. Staff at your youth activity center have an expectation that they’ll be able to take some PTO (paid time off) to spend […]

4 Ways to Welcome New Students Into Classes

4 Ways to Welcome New Students into Classes

Does your youth activity center offer year-round student registration, where students can enroll in swim, gymnastics or dance classes anytime throughout the year? If you do, you know it’s a great way to ensure you’re not limiting your revenue potential. You also know that means your instructors need to be professionals at welcoming new students […]

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