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The Business of Business!

YOU know that business is tough – even under the best of circumstances! Why? Because it seems like there are about a million details, all of which are vital, immediate and important either to you, your staff or your customers. Your “internal thought-cloud” (see graphic) is constantly churning with the overlapping, shifting and persistent priorities. […]

Build Your Business House

Building a business is like building a house – we want them both solid and strong. It benefits the children who participate, the parents who trust us and pay the bills, our amazing staff members who deliver the services, and ourselves as owners or administrators. In building a house, we need a foundation, framing, walls, […]

Thinking lifetime (don’t break the chain)

Thinking lifetime (don’t break the chain) -Seth Godin The traveling salesman, the carnival barker and the old-time businessman can hit and run. Make the sale, cut your costs, move on. Today, though, in the connection economy, two huge factors are at work: Subscription. The lifetime value of a customer is high and getting higher. You […]

Company Milestones and Metrics

“What gets measured, improves” Maintain up-to-date key statistics on your business. In business, progress is often measured by the lives we effect. It must also be measured “by the numbers” to sustain growth, profitability, customer and key staff retention. These are also known as “Key Performance Indicators” or KPI’s. There is no “magic” to this […]

World-Class Future Success Keys

Looking for the keys to success for the next 2 years? In the next 2 years, the best businesses in our industry will absolutely separate themselves from the rest of the pack. How? By identifying and implementing the business, technology and cultural keys that will establish your business as the “lead dog” in your local […]