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Advanced Search Pages Renamed and Students Search Made Easier to Use

The Students Advanced Search page helps you find lots of important information, and having it all in one place can be a good thing. However, making it better over the years by adding more options, fields, and criteria has also given the page a little clutter issue. We simplified the layout and did a little “clutter-eliminating” housekeeping in hopes that we could make this important page easier for you to use and read. One additional change is that all dropdown menus’ Advanced Search options are renamed to simply “Search”.   The page title of each menu indicates the specific search: Search Students, Search Families, Search Classes, Search Staff, and Search Transactions. Our efforts are always focused on improving your Jackrabbit experience […]

Why Your Data is Safe in Jackrabbit

You have lots of data in Jackrabbit. Some of this data belongs to you. (i.e., your user permissions, your account information – which probably includes the account used to pay Jackrabbit, your classes, your tuition amounts, revenues, student totals…) Some of this data belongs to your organization’s parents. (i.e., their contact information, the account used to pay you, perhaps personal information about their child…) And some of this data belongs to your employees. (i.e., their contact information, social security number, perhaps even their banking information) Needless to say, there is some pretty sensitive data stored in your Jackrabbit database. You want all of it to be safe and secure – worry free – if possible. With Jackrabbit, there are no […]

Visibility of Fees Due or Not Due Improved

When you’re processing refunds, you’ll find that a few changes on the “Are Fees Still Due” page will help you. What was previously a checkbox is now radio buttons. Click the “R” beside any payment to begin the refund process. After you have selected which fee(s) to refund and clicked the “Next” button, the “Are Feeds Still Due” page now allows you to click the appropriate radio button for the fee status (see image). The entire page has also had a little revamp to remove outdated video links and justifying the text in a more readable format. These changes come together to make the items that need attention on this page more visible to you. Better clarity means that you […]

Content Tips for Your Facebook Business Page

Not sure what to publish on your Facebook business page? Here are three quick ways to connect with others: Publish a status update, photo or video. See these Page posting tips for ways you can share your story with others.Keep in mind that Facebook is increasingly favoring video content, especially Live videos! BeLive is a good tool to help you pre-schedule Live videos and interact with your audience with Q&As and interview sessions. Check it out at https://belive.tv. Update your profile picture and cover photo, and fill out the About section completely. Add a button so people can take an action, like Sign Up, directly from your Page. Create and boost Facebook posts Share stories about your business in the place […]

Give Your Gymnasts a Bag List of What They Should Bring to Practice

You can help your gymnasts in lots of ways. An important way you can help them is to do something really simple to help them to feel comfortable at practice. Regardless of their skills or capabilities, all gymnasts can reach a certain level of comfort if they have everything they need to do their workouts. Being comfortable at practice, helps gymnasts to do their best. They can relax and have confidence in learning. They can concentrate on their skills instead of what items they’re missing. So something as simple as a bag list can come in handy and can help your gymnasts be comfortable in a couple of ways: 1 – They will simply have everything they need to work […]

Addition to the Drop History Report

We’ve added a family column to the Drop History Report. We learned about this from the Jackrabbit Facebook User Group. Several of you said that it would be helpful, so we added it!   We DO hear you. We listen to you in many ways: the Send Idea button, the Facebook user group, user conferences, support interaction, and individual discussions. And we add your ideas, regardless of how simple or complex they are. Your persistence is amazing! We have a database of more than 100,000 ideas that we consistently review as product plans and enhancements are made, so keep them coming!  

Why Should You Never Miss User Conferences?

If you’ve been to one or even maybe two user conferences, why should you make the investment to come again? “It’s been so amazingly helpful. So well put together, so on the mark with everything.” says Cynthia McConnell, JCC Metro West. We fully admit to the reasons you give for considering skipping this year. We do some similar content from year to year. We have some of the same activities from year to year. Some of the same people attend. Face-to-face time with support team members is at a premium. We charge a fee for our user conference. But here’s the truth: The reasons that we’ve heard for not attending the user conference are actually reasons you should be attending. […]

We’ve Cleaned Up Our Hover!

What? Yes, we did! Click on the Weekly View button on your Dashboard and what do you see? Your weekly schedule. Those of you that use the Weekly View calendar frequently know you can do multiple things right from the calendar. If you hover over a class on your calendar, you can see all types of information. But now when you hover, we’ve made it easier for you to read and take action! And since your Weekly View is affectionately called “your best friend in Jackrabbit,” improving the readability of this hover is sort of a big deal. You can find your Weekly View in three ways: Click on the Weekly View button on your Dashboard: Go to Classes > […]

The Weekly View – It’s Your BFF

Your Weekly View could be called your Jackrabbit BFF (yes, I mean Best Friend Forever) because through it, you can manage almost all areas of your classes – without going into any other menus. The Weekly View can be accessed three ways: Weekly View button on Dashboard (quickest) Classes > Advanced Search Classes > Weekly/Daily Schedule To see a monthly view of all classes, go to Classes > Monthly Schedule. You can sort by Category 1 and Session and show instructors. And if you hover over a class, you will see class details like in the Weekly View: Make sure to incorporate the following Tips to make your Jackrabbit Weekly View experience the best: Remove any hours not used for operation […]

Email Families You Choose from Aged Account Report Results

Here’s your scenario: You pull your Aged Account Report. As you look over your results, you think, “Wow, I’d really like to email those whose account totals more than $100.” Did you know that now you can? How awesome is that? And what’s even better is that you can do it directly from the report you’re looking at in Jackrabbit! It’s true. You now have the option to email all, or select individual families and send emails from the results of running your Aged Account Report. You’ll see your email editor open up with prefilled recipients. Statements or other data is not attached or sent. After the email opens, you can simply write a quick reminder to the families that […]